Aldi Lacura Beauty and Skincare Special Buys

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know I love Aldi, who doesn’t? But the middle aisles and special buy days are my favourite, and for a week in June, one of the special buy themes was beauty and skincare, so you can imagine exactly how that went down. I was literally like a kid on Christmas morning, and what I love even more is that all of Aldi’s beauty and skincare products are cruelty free with the leaping bunny logo, and vegan . That and the fact nearly all of them won’t set you back more than a fiver. This post seems like a bit of an old school post for me, and I’ve really missed doing a good old beauty post, so let’s see how this one goes….

Liquid Eyeliner – £2.99

The Lacura liner comes in both gel and liquid form, but as a liquid liner lover that’s what I went for. The nib is super fine and jet black, not watery or grey tinged like some black liquid liners can be, and the tip of the nib is perferctly sharp. I honestly have no bad words about this liner, I love the grey chrome packaging, the jet black shade, super fine pointed nib and the long lasting stay. Definitely gives my all time fave Barry M On Point Precision Liner for £4.59 a run for its money for half the price! I’ve been using this liner (and the following products for a couple of weeks now) on the reg and it’s become my new all time fave, deffo need to stock up.

Lacura Setting Spray – £3.99

I love Aldi because of their pure unashamedness in outright copying other brands, and that is definitely the underlying theme to their beauty products. As a poor student, I can’t say no sometimes… This Lacura Setting Spray is a definite dupe for a certain Urban Decay number, but at the cost of a meal deal, it’s definitely worth a try. I work long 12 hour shifts, and if you factor in getting up and the commute, my makeup is usually on my face for well over 14+ hours, so I was excited to put this to the ultimate test. This is one of those products where I couldn’t work out whether it had actually made a difference to my skin at the end of the day, but I did enjoy using it, and I do use it everytime I apply my makeup as I do find it helps to stop it going from super oily and patchy.

Lacura Cheek Palette – £4.99

I’m not a massive cheek product lover, so when a palette can combine your everyday essential cheek products; bronzer, highlighter and blusher, I am down. This little palette is nice and compact in a sleek cardboard case. The highlighter shade is a touch more golden than I would prefer, and the blush is a little too shimmery, but the bronzer is really gorgeous, matte and buttery and the perfect shade. The bronzer is a little too soft as it has a lot of fall out and I did make quite a mess, but I loved the shade and tone, and when I feel like a bit of peachy blush I do like to use the blush too.

Lacura Concealer – £3.99

I was really excited to try this product, however I was very shocked and disappointed to discover that they only offered THREE shades. THREE. I know Aldi is a budget store and their special buys are limited products, however this was really disappointing from Aldi. However I did try the product and the lightest shade was right for me. I believe this concealer is a dupe of the NARS creamy concealer and I started to use this on my under eye dark circles and it worked a treat! Super creamy, light and blendable, not thick or cakey. For £3.99, again this is a product I would happily repurchase and use daily going forward, however I would love to see more shades available, come on Aldi sort it out!!

Snapshot Ready Primer – £5.99

The snapshot ready foundation primer is one of the more pricy items within the range and is a dupe of the Smashbox primer. This Aldi primer is also avaibale in an illuminating form, the snapshot ready glow primer, however I don’t tend to go for illuminating bases, I typically opt for mattifying, pore reducing bases etc. This primer is really lovely to use, a little goes a long way and I really enjoy the silky feel, which is not too silicone-y, which I find some primers can be. I’ve been dabbling between various different primers, and this ne does the job, so I think this will be my new daily primer!

Healthy Glow, Retinol Tonic – £3.99

I love the Lacura tonic waters, and already have the glycolic one (PIXI dupe), but was very intrigued by the retinol. The Pixi Retinol Tonic retails for £18, so for nearly 1/5 of the price, I was very intrigued by the Lacura version. The product contains 5% Niacinamide, and this ingredient helps to support skin resiliency, and improves skin texture by making pores look smaller, as well as helping to balance oil production. Retinol is also great as it can deliver increased collagen production, improve tone and even skin texture out. However as this product is largely a retinol tonic it is important to try not to use it too much, limiting to once a day/every other day, as too much retinol use can affect skin barrier quality. I have been using this once a day/ every other day and have really enjoyed using it as part of my skin care routine and will continue to do so, as i’m now in my late twenties, a retinol is good for me….LOL

I really enjoyed trying out some new beauty products, especially when they were easy to find and purchase, were reasonably prices and on the whole really food quality and largely products that I will continue to use on a daily basis, which is awesome, especially as I can pick them up on my weekly food shop.

I’ve noticed whilst browsing the online Aldi site that you can buy multipack versions of most of the lacura beauty range, which is great to know!

Even better there are loads of Aldi beauty and skincare products that I still need to try! I can’t wait to try out the pink clay hot cloth cleanser (£3.99), the liquid illuminators (£3.99), rose facial oil (£3.99), vitamin c hot cloth cleanser (£3.99), natural vegan day cream (£5.99), aloha warm highlighter (£5.99)….. I guess that list will have to be part 2 at some point!

Have you tried any of the Aldi beauty/skincare range, what are your thoughts or faves?

Sophie xxx