Waking Up And Smelling The Roses

As some of you may have seen on Twitter, at the start of the year I got over my weird little fears and went on a proper first date with someone off of a dating app. And guess what? It was actually okay. Who. Knew.  In the space of 2 weeks I managed to go on 5 dates. From going for a drink, to a pub quiz to a coffee date on my lunch one day. It was all great and I really enjoyed the whole getting to know someone else thing, as that’s always my favourite part of the start of a new relationship. And whilst the guy didn’t turn out to be my prince charming, the experience actually taught me a few things about myself and what I want from someone else going forward.

It’s probably because i’m going through my quarter life crisis (more on that here), but during 2017 I had a minor panic and freak out that I might never find someone to settle down with and have adventures and babies with. And it terrified me. However for some reason this one dating experience has made me realise that good things will come. I will find my soul mate, but it might take some searching for and that is okay for now.

It was the evening of the 6th date, a Saturday night of drinks and dinner, and I just realised. He wasn’t the one for me. I couldn’t picture the guy standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me (yes, I am legit actually one of those psycho girls), I couldn’t picture anything long term and there were a few niggles in my head already starting to appear. And once those niggles appear, that is that. Game over pal. But it’s cool. I’m no longer panicked I’ll never find anyone, but actually a little bit proud of myself for being confident enough to realise what I do like and want from a man and to go for that. I’m also proud of myself for going totally out of comfort zone and actually going on dates, it sounds ridiculous but that was a big step for me! I’m kind of excited to now give the apps a proper go, instead of just half heartedly having a swipe sesh, and to find more guys willing to date me (poor guys) and go from there. I realised that if I was starting to ‘settle’ after 5 dates, then really what was the point.

Recently Fentimans got in touch with me about working on a brand collab and I was like, yes plz sign me up. I love Fentimans Rose Lemonade, especially mixed with Bloom Gin in a giant bowl glass. Seriously pass me the rose lemonade now. However to make the Rose Lemonade even more fun and girly this Valentines Day, they’ve created the Rose Spritz, a refreshing combo of Rose Lemonade and Prosecco. It’s such an easy concoction but looks pretty and tastes pretty profesh and like waaay more effort has gone into then it really has. So whether you’re having a quiet one in on your own (its a great club people, honestly), or you’re having a cheeky galentines or even actual romantic Valentines – then deffo give this drink a whirl!

But going forward things are positive, i’m even more sure of what I find attractive in a guy, and I’m way more sure of what I want from a relationship. So heres to 2018 and stepping out of comfort zone even more!

Sophie x

In collaboration with Fentimans.