A Year of Small Successes

Photo: Ryan Brown – Instagram: @lostboymemoirs www.lostboymemoirs.com

I’ve been doing the old annual ‘year in review’ type posts since I started blogging (which was 6 years ago this year wtaf) and even though i’ve majorly lost my blogging mojo I can’t part with a good old reflection on the past year. Now most peoples yearly review posts go along the lines of massive blog sucess, amazing relationships, engagements, babies, moving out, hitting milestones and success after success. Which is great, go them – but my year reviews always seem a little average and understated in comparison, but hey that’s me tbh. 2017 was a strange one, it wasn’t great but it was good, so here goes, 2017 in review for Sophie Blumenthal.

This year i’ve tried to leap out of comfort zone and to attempt this I went on my first proper real date, speed dating twice, auditioned for Take Me Out and I popped along to BBC Radio Berkshire to be interview on the Bill Buckley show one Sunday. Casual.

In October I also found out that I got a ballot place to run the London Marathon, something I had enteredback at the start of the year on a yolo quarter life crisis whim. Not actually expecting to get a place, but my luck got me in. Damn you luck. But of course I threw myself into training that very day and since then in some crazy way i’ve found out that I actually kind of like and enjoy running, this combined with weekly swims and aqua fit classes, i’ve transformed into a fitness loving kinda gal. Not something I thought I would ever say about myself. But if you want to keep up with my progress across social media then just look for the hashtag #RunSophRun

I also tried to be a little more selfless in 2017, putting others before myself at times where I could. I completed my 5th blood donation a few weeks ago as well as fully completing my Samaritans training, of which my journey started in February. I’ve really learnt how to actually listen to other people, and I think this has really helped me to discover a lot about myself and real friendship in 2017. Because of my newfound connection to Samaritans I also decided to run the marathon for the central Samaritans charity and am on a big fundraising hype, so yano if you want to sponsor me (uk.virginmoneygiving.com/runsophrun).

Friendships became a big part of 2017 for me as well, I realised that some friendships are toxic and need to be let go and that it’s okay to acknowledge that you don’t get along with someone anymore even though you’ve known them forever. That’s life and part of growing up. Friendships work 2 ways and i’ve enjoyed putting myself first and also reconnecting with old friends and of course becoming even closer to some of my favourite people.

So i didn’t get invited to Coachella with a big brand, or blog religiously every other day like i’d love to, nor did I find love or save up to move out. But I achieved small things which will hopefully lead to an exciting 2018. I organised a Berkshire Blogger Meet up, spent a week sailing around the Croatian islands with one of my fave ladies, visited to Lisbon with some of my favourite school friends, got invited to some incredible blog events, did my first paid for Instagram post, went on a 2 week Baltic cruise with my family – stopping off in brand new countries such as Russia and Estonia, I made good friends at work, went bottomless brunching a little too much, I put myself out there, and I didn’t give up.

So here’s to 2018, which will be filled with even more travel, more personal small successes and hopefully more blog content. lolllll

Sophie x