The Quarter Life Crisis Year Begins

We’ve now entered 2018 and after 2017 being sort of okay in the end (read about it here), I feel that it laid down the groundwork for what could be an amazing year for me, i’ve got a few amazing and cool trips planned as well as the foundations for getting on with my career and saving to move out, and i’m excited to see where the year takes me.


I really want to explore the UK more this year (I do say this every year), because there are so many UK cities and towns that look gorgeous and i’d love to visit. As well as some local trips planned, I’ve also got my BIG trip of the year towards the end of June, where i’ll be venturing off on another Trek America trip – but this time to Canada for 2 weeks on their Mountie Tour. Two weeks of travelling from Vancouver to Calgary, all whilst camping, visiting incredible national parks and finishing up with the Calgary Stampede. Last year the girls and I also managed to nab tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Galway in May, and with flights, the air bnb and tickets in hand we are ready to hop on that plane, see my number one bae and scream along to Galway Girl at the top of our lungs. And lets not forget about Traverse ’18 which is also in May but this year in Rotterdam! I can’t wait to explore a new city and interact with like minded people and have a fun long weekend. If you’re also going let me know so we can meet uppp.

Health & Fitness

I started to get more in tune with my own personal and physical health last year and although I put on a little (a lot) of winter flub, i’m excited to get back into a nice routine and eating well, because let me tell you my skin is angry with me for eating as much beige food as I did. I’d really like to make more of a conscious effort to cut down on dairy (cheese I’m looking at you) and make the best choices that I can. I’m going to make sure I utilise my gym membership and go to my usual aqua fit classes, swim as and when I can, and maybe even try out some boxing classes. 2018 marks London Marathon year for me as well and with the 15 week countdown on the clock, it’s time to get serious.


I turn 25 this year and thus my quarter life crisis fully commences. As lucky as I am to be able to live at home with my family and parents I feel SO ready to move out and get on with my life, however my inablity to actually save money has been majorly holding me back. So this year i’m going to majorly sort out my online shopping problem, have a massive room clear out, get selling on ebay and at car boots, try and make some money via my blog and properly get going with saving so that I can move out for good.


This year marks 6 years of Sophie Rose, or Sophie Rose Hearts if you’ve been here for a while, and 9 years in total of blogging (my first blog/aka teenage diary will forever remain private now) and towards the end of 2017 I fell out of love with blogging (post here). I still don’t exactly know where my place on the internet is, but that’s fine because i’m blogging for me now and there’s no competition (apart from myself) and i’m determined to go back to basics and fall back in love with blogging. I’m going to try hard to write about topics I really care about such as cruelty free products, vegetarian dishes, travelling and life in general. And I can’t wait.

What goals do you have for 2018?

Sophie x