SPAR Prosecco and a Sparkling Recipe

I’m a classic example of a girl with Champagne taste but a Prosecco budget, and with the ever growing and comparable qualities of prosecco, it’s become a firm favourite of mine. Lets face it Prosecco is a popular drink for the majority of people these days, it provides that bubble and fizz and is a great base for cocktails. And it’s not just the taste of Prosecco that wins people over, it’s how sociable the drink is, whilst I could drink a bottle to myself (easily), I do enjoy sitting in the garden with my parents or friends and enjoying a few glasses/ the whole bottle. It also makes a great gift, and these SPAR lovelies are so pretty, the purple and blue labels are really sophisticated and special and i’m pretty sure anyone would be chuffed to receive a bottle. My fave prosecco at the moment is the SPAR Extra Dry DOC Prosecco & SPAR Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco. Especially that badboy DOCG, and I love this both on its own when it’s crisp and fresh, and as a base for fun cocktails and as an ever growing spritz.

My fave cocktail is something fruity, fizzy and gin based. That’s why my new go to fave drink is a combination of some St Germain Elderflower liqeur, gin and prosecco; simply pour 20ml elderflower cordial/or St Germain Elderflower Liqueur and 20ml of gin (I love Tanqueray or Bombay) into a champagne flute, or Dartington Couple if you’re feeling a little fancy, and top up with ice cold prosecco. Chuck in a few frozen strawberries, or some fresh mint, and you’ve got a delicious, boozy, refreshing and fizzy concoction.

What is your fave prosecco at the moment?

Sophie xx

In collaboration with SPAR.