Trek Tuesday; Day 18, Four Corners, Forest Gump Road and Monument Valley

After our lovely 2 night stay in Durango at my fave camp site, it was time to hit the road once again and this time we were off to Monument Valley. On the way to Monument Valley we stopped off at Four Corners, an area where the 4 states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona touch corners. And obviously we all had to take the obligatory photos lying on the floor at the point where they all touch, so I can say I’ve had a limb in 4 states at the same time! After this stop we headed into the Navajo Nation Reservation, passing through ‘the gates’ of Monument Valley, passing the landmark Guardian and Owl gates. We then stopped off at Forest Gump Road, again for the obligatory photos. Now I have to say I’ve only actually ever watched Forest Gump once and I can’t say I was a massive fan of the film, but this road is a cool spot so it was fun to jump in the road for photos in between cars driving along doing the same thing. After the photo stop we entered the camp site, where we pitched our tents in the most phenomenal and surreal location. I can’t physically describe the view we had, it was insane (you can see our little orange tents in one of the photos above). Once we had pitched the tents, taken SO MANY photos (so many that my camera battery actually died later on in the evening just as we headed out, booo), we headed onto the visitor centre just up the path, and we then started our Navajo Jeep Tour. The Navajo Jeep Tour came included in the price of our Trek and is such an amazing opportunity. Our driver Ron was hilarious, flying over dirt hills and sand tracks. It was a bumpy ride, but it was hilarious and so fun and we all laughed so so much. The seatbelts were definitely needed. We went on a tour of some famous rock formations, including the three sisters, the totem pole, the elephant, Moccasin Arch, Big Hogan etc. Our jeep tour was just over 2 and a half hours long (and it FLEW by), after which Ron drove us to an area where we had a Navajo dinner consisting of Navajo Taco’s which are like a flatbread/naan with beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cheese, and a steak on top. It was delicious. After dinner had been consumed and the light had gone, a fire was lit, and the jeep tour guides changed into traditional dress and sang and danced for us, sharing traditional stories. It was really magical, and of course we got involved in some dancing too, which was amazing. After this we then drove back to camp in the complete darkness with no headlights on the jeep. Due to the vastness of the reservation and the clear sky, they just weren’t needed, and this made the jeep tour so much more special. Even though our driver tried to tell us a ghost story to try and scare us haha. We made it to camp, and tried to admire all the stars but it had clouded over a little. Some of the group chose to sleep outside, but due to a fear of snakes, decided to stay in the safety of the tent, but we woke up before the sun rise, so we could witness it rising above the reservation and that really was a stunning sight. So stunning, that again, I totally forgot to take any photos as I was so wrapped up in the moment.

After the magical sun rise, it was time to leave Navajo Nation and head onto The Grand Canyon, so keep an eye out for Thursday’s post. I was originally going to write about Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon together, but they both deserve their own posts and they both have a lot of photos to go alongside them!

Sophie xx