Seanhanna, Putney

Before I went away to America I booked in for a cut and colour at Seanhanna in Putney, and it really got me through my Trek blues once I arrived home. With 8 salons based in Bristol, Cambridge and London and are well known for their excellent colour services. I haven’t dyed my hair for a little while now, and as always it had gotten to the length it always gets to, before it stops growing and then the ends just get sad, thin and straggly. I wanted to go a little darker, because hey, guess what. i’m such a cliche, chocolate brown for autumn/winter eh. So one Tuesday afternoon I went on a little adventure to Putney. Once I arrived at the salon I was taken to a chair and offered a drink, and I’m always one of those people who panics and just says water, but after perusing the menu of drinks, realised I could’ve had a wine. Shame. However I didn’t just get a water, I also got some of my fave Lotus Biscoff biscuits, perfect.

I was put in the hands of the super lovely and knowledgeable Lloyd, we had a little chat about hair styles I like, a little about my hair history and then got into it. After our chat we decided on a slight trim, making the back slightly shorter than the front, and with a Kate Middleton-esque gringe. As for the colour, I had said to Lloyd that I had gone darker a few years ago, however I didn’t like how flat, lifeless and green toned the colour was, so he ensured that the colour was a warm, rich brown with a hint of mahogany, to enhance my hairs natural glossy shine. After our chat, I was whisked over to the super jazzy light up sinks, and enjoyed a lovely massage from the massage chair whilst I had a shampoo and condition. I also had the new L’Oreal Smartbond treatment and after this I then also had the Shu Uemera Master Ceremony treatment applied, along with a glorious head massage, courtesy of Lloyd. When he left my hair to soak up the treatment for about 20 minutes I full on fell asleep, I was just so, so relaxed!

I practically bounced out of the salon and up the high street to the station, and I can’t believe just how thick and healthy my hair currently looks, it is amazing. So thanks to the team at Seanhanna, and of course Lloyd!

Sophie xxx


*I was invited along to the salon, but all opinions are my own.