#KindredTalks about Aspiration vs Authentication


A few weeks before I trotted across the globe to the USA (I’ll shut up about it eventually I promise), I was invited to a talk, put on by Kindred, a fab agency, at the incredibly swish Lights of Soho. The venue was incredible, lots of neon lighting, pinterestable plants and wall hangings and some sassy ladies. The talk was all about Aspiration vs Authenticity, Beauty Marketing to Millenials and it was so englightening. The free flowing prosecco was an obvious winner, but the killer panel line-up made the talk so informative and interesting, with the likes of Frankie Graddon, the fashion and beauty editor for The Pool, Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger, Kerry Rheinstein from Future Foundation and Helen McGee, head of marketing at 3INA it was the perfect setting for a topical discussion. Throw in the lovely Clare Richardson, Client Services Director at Kindred, who the chaired the discussion, it was a fab set up. The ladies were there to ultimately discuss where the future of beauty lies, in aspiration or authenticity, so I thought I would share a few thoughts from some of the ladies that I found interesting. It was totally fascinating to hear everyone’s opinions and especially from Jane who thinks that live blogging is super important. Blogging in the moment, being spontaneous and up to date. She even said that shes trying to reduce her social media channels in an account to keep strong content so current.

It was also really interesting to hear from Helen who thinks the authenticity of brands is just so important in this day, and she event cast everyday girls from Instagram for girls to reflect her brand which is just super refreshing and very Bobbi Brown-esque, who’s values I also agree with. Helen also commented that she likes to bring a sense of fun to the makeup the brand share and create, creating a positive image. I really liked Helens approach to casting and she said that she casts people you want to talk to, not to look at

After the panel, questions were opened up to the audience and a range of fab questions were asked and Jane backed up what she said earlier on in the talk, in that to build a following you need to build by connecting, interacting and creating interesting content. She also said that she feels like the internet at present is a very noisy place and is why she is choosing to in a sense switch of some channels.

I really enjoyed the talk and it was so nice to go to such an empowering event alone, but come away knowing a few new people and feeling so full of fresh thoughts. I hope Kindred to more talks like this, as it was a free event to attend and I think you guys would really enjoy them, so if they do any more I’ll deffo Tweet about it 🙂

Sophie xx