Panasonic Beauty

I love the opportunity to try out new brands and to hear from them, so when Panasonic got in touch and invited me to their office in Bracknell (literally an 8 minute drive from my house!) with a few other bloggers,to learn more about their beauty tools, I thought it would be a great opportunity.  When I think of Panasonic, I think of cameras, kitchen appliances and mens grooming tools, which is a perception that Panasonic are working on changing, as in fact they have some incredible beauty products that definitely need to be shouted about. I arrived, and the lovely Leanne met me and took me up to the in house salon, which I wish I had in my office, which was decked out with Panasonic products and a gorgeous purple interior and a lot of mirrors! We had a little chat about some current products and releases which will be out later this year, and got to play with some products. We also had the chance to have a hair wash and blow dry to experience the hair dryer and/or straighteners in use too, as well as the Facial Ionic Steamer. Panasonic had thought of everything and even had some makeup artists on hand to reapply makeup after trying out the steamer, perfect!

I don’t often get excited about products, but the new ES-WH90 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removing System is a tool that I’ve been wanting to try for ages, and it looks and sounds incredible. The way in which an IPL differs from laser treatment, is that the intense pulsed light works to suppress hair growth, rather than totally zap the hair, by applying pulses of light to follicles, IPL effectively breaks the cycles of regrowth so the hair shed naturally without the worry of irritation. The IPL means that you can get professional, salon quality results at home, and it means that hair removal is quick and simple; the extra large 4.5cm flash window features a 3 second flash rate enabling you to treat your whole body, and with the addition of an attachment for facial hair. We tried it out briefly in the salon, and I was amazed at how simple it was to use, and it just looked like a camera flash when you applied it, followed by an ever so slightly warm feeling (which actually felt quite nice), and that was that. This gadget is perfect and I can’t wait to try it out and share my thoughts with you all, so keep your eyes peeled for that later on in the year. 

Other releases include the Panasonic 8-in01 ES-ED96 Wet/Dry Epilator which is SO pretty, I loved the pearlescent finish, and the dinky size means it is super travel friendly. The epilator comes with 8 separate attachments and  60 degree flexible oscillating head, meaning head-to-toe grooming is simple. I really like that the newest model features a Sonic Facial Brush for extra-gentle exfoliating of even the most sensitive skin, perfect for preparing the skin for epilation, and the extra-soft bristles gently remove dry skin cells and cleanse the pores leaving you with fewer blemishes and softer skin. 

I am so excited to try some more Pansonic Beauty products properly, so keep your eyes peeled fro a proper in depth review, very soon! It was also super lovely to meet Sabrina, Jacqui, Rachel & Lisa, so if you feel like checking out some new blogs deffo do that.

Sophie xx