A Winter Glow With Fake Bake: A Trio Of Tans

I love a fake tan as I find it makes my legs look better on a night out, and makes me look healthier. Who doesn’t look good with a tan? But over the years and through many a trial and error, I have ascertained what I like from a fake tan. I always go for mousse formulas, with quick drying times, and whilst I do prefer some sort of instant colour, I also like it when a tan develops so when washed off the next day it still looks good and last for a week or so. I also love trying out new brands, and Fake Bake is a brand that up until a few months ago hadn’t been on my radar, but now most certainly is! I thought I would share a few tans I have tried over the past few months and my opinions.

The Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse is my dream tan in one lightweight, sleek can. With its super-quick, speed-dry non-transfer formula, Fake Bake’s 5 Minute Mousse formula will transform you in just 5 minutes. Its ‘colour lockdown’ formula gives an instant deep luxurious colour for a tan that is ready to wear whilst underneath, a long-lasting tan will continue to develop ready o be unveiled when showered off. I find this tan works really well for nights out, as you can pop this tan on whilst getting ready for the evening, and after your night out when you wake up and shower the next morning, you’ll be left with a gorgeous golden tan that will last a good 5-7 days before wearing. Due to the quick dry formula, you do have to be quick and careful when applying the tan, as if you faff about you could end up with streaks. 

The Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid is a great classic liquid tan that comes with a spray nozzle, glove and mitt. This luxurious liquid tan uses Fake Bake’s unique, naturally derived tanning formula to create an intense, longer lasting tan. I like how their is a cosmetic guide colour which helps you wok out any spots you may have missed, and the liquid is light and super fast drying meaning it doesn’t transfer. I typically use mousse formula tans, but tried this liquid tan out because, why not! I liked the tropical scent of this tan, and I found the colour to be lighter than a mousse (maybe because I was less heavy handed) and really liked the finish. I also thought a liquid tan would be a major mess, but managed to tan myself without any extra faff.

The Fake Bake Perfection Instant Tan Spritz – Wash Off tan is the ultimate one day tanning liquid that gives an instant golden bronze that can be easily washed off at the end of the day, yet does not streak throughout wear. This tan has a vanilla scent which was really lovely and like the liquid, applied easily and smoothly and no streaks were in sight, hurrah!

I love how Fake Bake tans typically include application gloves and/or a mitt, to ensure you’re not left with telltale tan hands, however whilst I like the inclusion, I do normally prefer to just use a failsafe mitt to apply my tan. I also like how the fake tans are paraben free and so simple to use. Whilst on the pricier side of fake tans (around £19.99), the bottle contains a good 207ml of product which will definitely last a while which is why Fake Bake has fast become my go to tan brand and I can’t get enough.

What are your favourite tan products? Have you tried Fake Bake, what were your favourites?

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