Itsu, Reading

If you know me, you would think Itsu? For you? Due to my weird allergies, including fish, poultry and nuts – Itsu wouldn’t typically be my first choice of destination to eat. However I like to branch out and try new things, and after looking at the menu online, realised Itsu do lots of yummy veggy and ‘Sophie Friendly’ things! Itsu’s are slowly cropping up everywhere (which is great) and the latest destination for a new store was in Reading. So one day after picking my baby sister up from school we popped into Reading on the way home and tested out the new Itsu.

I’ve never been to an Itsu before but it was very easy and fuss free, all the dishes are laid out simply and each label for each dish includes the ingredients and allergens – perfect for me. In the end we went for the Baby Avo Rolls, which were AMAZING, Salmon Teryaki On a Bed, Dumplings On a Bed, 2 of their flavoured waters; a Cranberry & Elderflower and a Tangy Lemon, and then 2 pudding pots; a White Chocolate Dream and Creme Brulee. We loved everything we chose, but our favourites were DEFINITELY the puddings, they were amazing and all the way home it was all we could talk about.

I love the layout and interior of Itsu; it featured a lot of hot pink lights (perfect), and fun light fixtures, orchids and loads of seating; with obvious stations with cutlery, chopsticks etc and extra sauces and seasoning. They also super jazzy toilets, what’s not to love!

The new Reading Itsu store is located on the corner of Broad Street and Queen Victoria Street and the chain is owned by Julian Metcalfe, the founder of Pret, which you can definitely see reflected within the food and drinks on offer.

Have you ever been to an Itsu, what is your favourite thing to get from Itsu?

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*I was given vouchers to and try the restaurant out for myself.