Staying cool – your summer exercise goals

The footballers competing in Canada for the FIFA Women’s World Cup are
inspirational. They are fast, strong and talented and, even though England women are as long
as 33/1 at the time of writing in the football betting
, they are setting a
sporting standard.

Watching these women get down and dirty will encourage many others to take
up a sport or, at least, stick to a regular exercise programme. However summer issues of women’s magazines are packed full of get
fit quick
 techniques so we can all be in good shape when the heat
hits. It’s the best time of year to lose weight and tone up – foods are lighter
and less calorific, we’re more active in the outdoors and we generally feel
happier and more positive about life. But the fact is, when it’s hot outside the last thing you want to do is
deliberately work up a sweat. So, here are a few tips to get you motivated and keep you healthy and
hydrated in the sun.

   by  Celestine Chua 

1. Cool down before you warm
up. Studies show that lowering your heart rate as well as reducing your
skin and core temperature before working out in hot weather can improve
your performance. So take a cold
before you hit the treadmill or, if you can’t face an icy
blast, try placing an icepack on the back of your neck for a few minutes.

 2. If jogging is your thing
make sure you avoid the sunny side of the street. Rethink your regular
route to take in a shady park or reschedule your run for early morning or
evening when the sun is weak. Try to run on gravel or dirt paths as
asphalt or concrete surfaces radiate heat and will just make you feel
hotter, quicker.

3. Experiment with essential
oils. Dab peppermint or eucalyptus oil at your temples just before you
workout to help cool you down and open up your airways to make breathing

  4. Swap your aerobic workout
for something less high impact but just as effective. Increased body
temperatures make us more flexible so this is the time to try yoga or
stretching classes.

5. If you’re used to pushing
your body to its limit, be wary in the heat. Your heart has to work a lot
harder when it’s hot so consider slowing your pace to compensate.
Investing in a heart monitor will ensure you’re never at risk of heat
stroke or exhaustion.

6. Water or sports drinks are
great for re-hydrating during or after a workout, but when it’s hot you’ll
get even more benefit from fruit. Grapes and melon chunks or fruit
are a great way to re-energise.

7. Exercise doesn’t have to be
formal to be effective and summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and
fun in the sun. Kicking a ball around in the park, hula hooping,
mowing the lawn or washing the car will all burn lots of calories, stretch
your muscles and help get you fit.

So there you go, some fab tips to keep healthy and cool this summer, what are your healthy summer tips?

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