Eylure Lashes


Before university I was never really a fake eyelash wearer, but increasingly I reach for them and can rarely go on a night out without them as I love the look they give. Eylure are the brand I always reach for, and these days I rarely wear another brand, over the years their packaging has increased and so have the lashes! I love how on the box of their lashes they give an actual example of how the lashes look on the eye and a perfect guide of how to apply them! I also love how reusable they are, and I’ve been known to use one pair over 8 times in the past, definitely getting my moneys worth there…

The Katy Perry Range are one of my favourites and I’ve been through a few pairs of the Oh Honey, Feline Fierce and Banging Beauty lashes! The Banging Beauty* pair are a perfect pair of classic fake lashes as they are made up of full, medium length fibres that add curl, length and volume. All of the Katy Perry lashes are actually handmade and 100% natural, creating the perfect fake lash! Another range I adore are the Cheryl lashes and the Girls Aloud ones. The Cheryl pair in Girls Night*  are the perfect design. The extra flutter on the outer lashes are perfect, and are a style I often look for as my eyes are quite round and I like to try and elongate them a little and they do just that. The Exaggerate line is another line that was new to me, however after the gorgeous number 141’s*  made their way to me, I was quickly converted! Gorgeously wispy and long, these are the perfectly exaggerated lashes without looking too ridiculous! 

I love how lightweight Eylure lashes are and how the bands to apply the glue are also so lightweight and minimal, making application a doddle! I normally find I have to trim my lashes a little, and I normally do this with a pair of small nail scissors and trim from the outside edges. All boxes of lashes also include a lash glue which i’ve heard is amazing, however I am unfortunately allergic to latex so I have to be pretty careful with lashes and lash glue, but I’ve found a trusty fave so it’s all fine!

Do you wear fake eyelashes, what are your favourites?

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