#ThinkSunny with St Tropez Express Mousse

St Tropez Express Mousse

St Tropez Express Mousse

November has sprung upon us and along with a new year of uni, (and my last), the sun has done a disappearing act. It’s that time of year where my natural holiday glow has run away and so i’ve been looking for a little extra help in the tan department. The St Tropez Express Mousse made its way to me at the beginning of freshers, perfect, and we’ve got along very well since then.

The express mousse is labelled as express for a reason. The tan has a super quick developing time of either 1,2 or 3 hours depending on how dark you want your tan to be and this extra quick developing time means you can tan at the last minute and with zero biscuit scent.

Mousse tan’s are my favourite and this express tan delivers exactly what it says on the bottle, and I’m super impressed with the tan. I’m a pretty rubbish tanner and so far whilst using this i’ve had zero awkward wrist/knee/elbow patches and people keep commenting on how golden I am. Something unheard of normally! I’ve been loving this for last minute tans before nights out as it dries so quickly and carries on developing once rinsed off.

Whilst this express tan does retail for £33 it is seriously impressive stuff and I can see myself purchasing this again as it is so foolproof, develops quickly and is not biscuity!

Have any of you tried the ST Tropez Express Mousse, what did you think? What’s your favourite express tan?

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