Fudge Urban Colour Chalks and Powder Styler, Perfect Festival Hair Essentials

I’v never tried any Fudge hair products, although I’ve always heard great things, there are just so many brands out there to try, its so hard to try something from them all! There has been a craze lately for hair chalk type products, and Fudge haven’t failed to keep up! Their Urban Colour Hair Chalks* are amazing, and I love how compact and fun they are! Whilst I thought these could be a little wishy washey, they’re actually surprisingly pigmented and certainly pack a punch. I can see these being very ppopular for the summer, especially around festival season. The Red Hot Pepper shade and Electrik Blue are two favourites of mine and I really like that depending on how intense the shade is applied, you can have a bold colour, or a subtle tint. 

The Powder Styler is another product that could be a festival saviour, simply pour a bit into your palms, rub together and then massage into roots for an instant boost in volume! I love using this on second day hair and think it is a magical hair booster!

Do any of you like to switch up your hair colour? Have you tried any hair chalk products, what are your favourites? 




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