Casetagram Phone Case

A month or so ago I won Laura’s Casetagram giveaway*! A few weeks ago I finally put all the photos together that I liked and created this gorgeous iPhone 4s case! Casetagram allow you to turn your Instagram, Facebook or any photos on your computer into lovely cases for iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPod’s, some Galaxy products, and a few others! You don’t have to have the case covered in photo’s either, you can select just one, or a few, or other patterns as well. Casetagram also offer standard phone cases which are also really cool.

 Whilst the cases are $34.95, and on the pricier side of things, they make for an amazing present that any phone-lover will adore, or a lovely treat to yourself! 

Have any of you made or bought a Casetagram case? Where is your favourite place to buy cases from?

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas and don’t forget to enter my New Years Giveaway to win a £30 voucher!




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