Cruise Diaries Part 1 : Cartagena and Barcelona!

I’m trying to incorporate more travel type stuff into my blog, and so what better place to start than a few posts about the Western Mediterranean P&O cruise I just went on! I won’t bore you all with talking about the sea days, as those were spent playing bingo, eating afternoon tea and sunbathing. The port days however, they’re worth a talk about! I’m going to split them up to make things easier! If you’d like to hear more about the cruise experience itself and the boat, let me know 🙂

The first port we visited was Cartagena, Southern Spain. It was a really beautiful port with a lovely marina and as we entered the main square there was a group of teenagers playing music and it created a really lovely ambience! First stop, we visited the amphitheatre and the ampitheatre museum; both were great! We then looked at a bit of Roman road and mooched around the town. We found a Sephora which was AMAZING, but I restrained myself from buying the MUF Smoky Lash Mascara, boo. We then sat down for a beer before heading to the deep sea archaelogical museum (or something like that) before heading back onto the boat! 

The second port we visited was Barcelona! We went to Barcelona on the last cruise we went on, (our first) and I absolutely loved the city! This time, just me and my dad got off the boat and we went on a tour of the Barcelona stadium! Both avid football fans, it was really exciting and we got to have a good nosey around the stadium and had a well deserved pint of Estrella after, yum, yum. The tour coach we went on, took us to some hills above Barcelona and we got some gorgeous views of the whole city, and then it drove us on a nice route to the stadium that allowed us to see the Olympic stadium and other cool buildings.

Hope you all enjoyed this, in my next cruise post I’ll be talking about St Raphael and Pisa!

Have any of you been on a cruise before, did you like it and where did you go?

Sophie xx