Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Beauty Tips Part 2! #13

For today’s Top 5 Tuesday i decided to share some more beauty tips and tricks that i have picked up lately.

1) With sachet samples, squeeze them out into an old pot, or alternatively in Poundland they sell  35 plastic shot glasses for £1 and these are perfect for putting samples into. Simply cover with cling-film and you’re sorted!

2) If you’re going to go for a fairly harsh exfoliation, exfoliate in the evening, and then apply a moisturiser. Otherwise in the morning, if you apply make-up straight away, it will sink into the exfoliated pores, and they will clog. 

3) Ebay sell miniatures of products for reasonable prices, sometimes a nice way to try out a more pricey product!

4) Sudocrem is your best friend and only costs around £3! Handy for dry patches, redness and pesky spots. So much better than using toothpaste!

5) Vaseline is your second best friend. Whether it is for dry lips, hiding split ends or keeping the nail polish from getting all over your fingers when painting nails, Vaseline is amazing for a multitude of things!

Whats your top beauty tip?


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