Dermalogica Smart Mouth Lip Shine and Sampling Set

The other day i saw Grace from Allthatslap post on Facebook that Dermalogica were offering a fab offer on their full size Smart Mouth Lip Shine (RRP £8.20), where you could get it for a bargain of only £3.20, which also came free with a sampling set by Dermalogica worth £10, with free delivery, all with the code ‘DAILYGLOSS’ !!! I couldn’t pass up this offer, and me being a Dermalogica virgin, this was the perfect opportunity. This deal only works by the way if you have created an account and you are signed in, i did this and it took under 5 minutes!

I was super excited for this delivery to arrive, and the delivery service claimed it would take 1-3 days to arrive, i ordered it late on Monday and it arrived yesterday, Wednesday, so great delivery service Dermalogica!

Dermalogica is a brand that i am not terribly familiar with, i’ve heard the name dotted around, but nothing too specific. I was quite happy to see they don’t test on animals and their products do not contain any artificial fragrances, dyes or mineral oils in products. The lip treatment claims to be a ‘super-smoothing, shine-inducing lip shield that moisturises and conditions to deliver your softest lips- proving a smart mouth isn’t a bad thing’. It also contains Vitamin E, Cocoa Seed Butter and Shea Butter to ensure a super soft pucker. This product contained 10ml and retails for £8.20, but for my bargain of £3.20 i very impressed.

So far i really love this, the packaging makes it seem more like a gloss, and the finish looks like a gloss, but it isn’t sticky and it is so incredibly moisturising. There is also a slight scent, but i can’t work it out, i think it might be grapefruit, but i am not sure, and the scent isn’t a bad thing, it is very mild.

I really like the packaging of this, as the product is in a squeezy tube, you simply squeeze the tube and it comes out of the applicator. The applicator of this looks hard plastic, but in fact a soft rubbery plastic, with 4 holes in which the product comes out of, meaning not too much and not too little! The perfect applicator really! 

Next is the sampling set, not available for purchase on the site. This was great for me, as recently i have really gotten into skincare, so this was perfect. The set included a Special Cleansing Gel that is a soap-free foaming gel that thoroughly lifts impurities without stripping skin, a Daily Microfoliant that achieves smoother, brighter skin, a Skin Smoothing Cream which is an antioxidant-rich cream that maintains moisture balance while improving texture and a Multivitamin Power Firm which combats visible lines around the eyes with a powerful forming complex. Four products which sound like together create a great routine, i can’t wait to try this out and to review it!

Make sure to check out this code as the smart mouth lip shine is great, and only £3.20! (i hope the code still works, let me know if it doesn’t!)

Have any of you tried anything from Dermalogica, what is your favourite product?