Bathing Basil: Everyone Needs a Good Old Pamper Session!

Everyone needs a little bit of pampering, and that includes your pets. Yes you read that right. Today i thought i would do a slightly more fun post and feature one of my favourite friends, and someone i am going to miss so much when i go to university in 7 days. Basil. Lately Basil’s been a bit stinky and whilst he doesn’t particularly love having a bath, it is always quite amusing.

Bathing Basil is always hilarious, so i thought i would share some funny/cute photos of todays adventure. The first bit is always the funniest. Whenever i get the towel, he sees it and his tail goes down and he looks all sorry for himself. He knows what time it is. Bath time. 

I tried taking some photos after, but he wouldn’t stay still and as soon as i opened the door of the spare room after blow drying him, he ran off! Whilst he doesn’t love his pamper time, everyone needs it once in a while, and he secretly loves it….