My Place Online

Photo: Ryan Brown – Instagram: @lostboymemoirs

You might have noticed (or not rather) that for the past 5 weeks I haven’t posted. And prior to that I’ve only been posting every few weeks, very irregularly. I’ve sort of fallen out of love with blogging. Or not blogging as such, but just the online blogging world right now. 

I love blogs, bloggers and blogging, but I’m not sure I like the current blogging climate that much. There are some bloggers like myself who are happy to post what they like and when they like, without worrying too much about stats and DA, blogging because we purely enjoy to blog. And there are some bloggers who are focussed on the stats and numbers, which is also fine. However I feel that quite often my Twitter feed is full of the more competitive bloggers, and I get it, people want to chase their dreams and achieve goals, which is amazing. But for me that takes all the fun out of blogging and I’ve been finding the blogosphere a really hard place to currently fit into. Especially when the online blogging world resembles Mean Girls a little bit, I didn’t sign up for that crap. I  feel that quite often we have to support every single other blogger because theyre a) a blogger and yano team spirit and community and b) because girl power, girl bosses, all sticking together. Guess what, theres a few bloggers and things that go on in the blogosphere that I don’t like or agree with and that’s okay because that’s real life. People don’t all get along and it’s okay to not pretend to be happy families. 

Maybe it’s my age, but I’ve been feeling a little meh. Blogging has become a competition that quite frankly I don’t want to be part of. I blog for me, not to compete. If I get invited to a local event I always love to send over a list of local bloggers that I know – after all events are so fun when you sort of know some of the people! But increasingly I’m finding that when people attend events they keep it on the DL, refraining to tweet about it beforehand and then tweeting about it like it was some secret. I don’t get it! I miss the low key fun of blogging, and that’s what I’m going to do. 

I haven’t blogged for 5 weeks, but I am still a blogger. I’ve been blogging for a decade now, it’s a part of me and is something I can see myself doing forever. But it will always be for me. But I feel like because I don’t want it to be my career and I am so okay for it to remain my hobby i’m in my own separate bubble, a bubble that isn’t obsessing over DA, views, followers, engagement on Instagram posts and being a girl boss.

I’m okay with being Sophie, a receptionist by day and blogger by night.

How do you feel about the blogosphere right now?

Sophie xx