Self Care September

I’ve followed Laura of Superlatively Rude since forever and as of late have in particular been loving her Instagram stories (if you don’t follow her on Instagram, you must)! In a recent Instagram story she mentioned starting Selfcare September, and is something she’s going to be taking part in/made up and I thought yeah ME TOO. I seem to really enjoy not setting just one set of goals in January, but new goals every 4 months or so. Quarterly resolutions. And this September I’m going to focus on me, properly. I’ve been stuck in a little rut as of late, i’ve been feeling like I have so much time that I don’t know what to do with, and I know I could be spending it more wisely, but I also enjoy being lazy.

Join a gym

Following on from being lazy, most evenings after work I find there are 1-2 hours in between dinner, or after dinner that I just find myself almost waiting for bedtime. Like what is with that, i’m 24 for crying out loud. And I keep meaning to sign up to the gym, but keep putting it off. I’ve found one nearby that also has a pool and steam room/sauna/hot tub etc too – so it’s going to be ALL of the self care. I plan to go for swims before work on the weeks where I start at 9:30, and after work on the weeks where I finish at 4:30, whilst also trying out some of the classes and occasionally actually venturing into the gym. A few months back I really got into swimming and was going about 4 times a week and smashing out some intense swims and I felt SO much better for it, so I’m excited to get back into that.

Take a break with a fave gal pal

So this one is a kind of cheat plan because I planned this YONKS ago, way before the idea of having a self care September arose. On the 16th of September I’m sailing out to Split with Laura of Lola And Behold for a week of sailing around the Croatian Islands with Med Sailors. It’s going to be the perfect combination of fun, relaxing, reading, eating and drinking, and I can’t wait. It is JUST what I need right now. You have no idea.

Try and be okay with the days getting darker earlier

I know it’s not just me, but when the days get gloomier and nights draw in faster, it just makes me feel MEH. I live for spring and summer, crisp blue skies and sunshine. None of this darkness and bleh. So this September i’m going to prep for the upcoming darker months and get into a nice routine that i’m okay with all year round. I’m also going to get ALL of the candles out, because winter duh.

Watch my spending and save for figure self care trips – AKA my 2 week trip to Canada next July

I recently signed up for a Monzo card for my travels as they’re really nifty to have, but whilst having a play around with the app (which is INCREDIBLE) – I discovered the amazing goal/budget setting portion of the app and have devised a new money saving plan so that I can move out asap. I’m going to transfer a chunk of money from my regular account to my Monzo card and ONLY use my Monzo card this month for purchases. I’ve set up goals/budgets for categories such as food, travel, shopping, eating out, entertainment and general etc and I’m going to try and stick to it for a month and see how it goes!

Are you going to get involved with Self Care September – what things are you going to do to look after you?

Sophie x