‘The Dream’

‘The Dream’

I’ve been having a few random thoughts about life lately (so deep), because life/2017 is upon us, and the latest thought that’s been niggling away at me, is all about achieving our dreams and having dreams. I feel like it’s drummed into us from being little children that we must have a ‘dream’ in life, a goal, a place where we want to end up. Some people dream of being doctors, some dream of being mums, some simply dream of just being happy. And dreams are great, but what people rarely seem to touch on is when those dreams get put on hold, given up, or changed. The harsh reality of life sometimes. It’s not all fluffy pink candyfloss clouds and perfect dreams.

Since starting my blog and discovering the career opportunities it could give me (social media, digital marketing, blogger outreach, seo, marketing, pr, etc) I made it my goal and dream to work in that industry. I tried it. It didn’t really work out. I changed the dream. And that is totally fine. Ultimately I decided that i’d rather focus on me, I would rather save money to do things I actually enjoy and want to do, actually enjoy my free time, start new hobbies and rekindle old hobbies and interests. My original dream meant commuting to London, getting up around 6am and spending £6k a year on travel. After my dream change, I now get up around 7:15 or 8:15 (depending which shift i’m on) and I spend basically £0 on travel, and I can get to work in 5-10 minutes. It’s allowed me to wholeheartedly focus on me. I can come home on my lunch break if I feel like it, and fuel myself with good food instead of picking up crap on the go, and I have time to myself, which is so valuable. I’ve started to swim during the week whenever I can, actually make plans during the week after work and i’m not so totally zonked out by the weekend, that I’ve been making actual real life weekend plans. And it’s bloody lovely. Yes my current role as a Facilities Administrator/Receptionist wasn’t my dream this time least year, but right now for me, it works and it doesn’t mean my dreams can’t still happen. In fact being in my new role has opened a whole new world of other careers to me, and i’m considering all sorts of paths for my future. Sometimes you just can’t plan it all.

 Some might see changing the goal etc as boring/wimping out of the dream, but sometimes you just have to take that step back, assess the situation and decide what you really want to get out of life. And for me right now, I need to save, and by not working in London I can do that. I can also learn a whole new set of skills which is always valuable. And focusing on me and what I actually want to do with my life outside of work, is really refreshing.

What is your dream/goal, have you changed course?

Sophie x