Sensodyne True White

When I trial a products that has bold claims, I like to give that product a proper, thorough trial. How can you really report back on a whitening toothpaste if you’ve only used it for a week (unless it is AMAZING – which tbh this is). I’ve been trying out the Sensodyne True White toothpaste for 4+ weeks now and i’ve really been enjoying it. I have sensitive teeth and used to use Sensodyne products in the past, but could never really get on board with the flavours, however lots of the products seem to have had a little re-brand/remodel and the latest Sensodyne True White is a great super minty and fresh whitening tooth paste. 

I’m always on a mission to try and make my teeth appear whiter/make them look brighter and whiter – however I typically find that whitening products etc enhance the sensitivity of my teeth and this toothpaste totally erases any sensitivity as it gently removes stains with minimal wear to sensitive areas. With nearly half of the UK population (44%) claiming that they are disattisfied with the colour of their teeth, I’m certainly not alone. Sensodyne True White is a unique, ultra-low abrasion toothpaste which is designed to care for sensitive teeth and gently whiten. The products comes in 2 flavours; mint and extra fresh, and I tried out the mint version. I liked the flavour as it didn’t have the Sensodyne flavour that I had in my head from yearsss ago, however I think I would prefer the extra fresh flavour, so i’m definitely going to purchase that one next. I also think that the tube seems like a generous size and I like the style of it too as it feels a little fancier than your standard tooth paste. 

As I stated, I like to trial a products like this over a prolonged period of time, to see proper results. I tried this out from the end of December to February, giving it a decent try out, and I was super impressed with the results even after a week of use. Sometimes I never know if it’s just because you’re looking for a dramatic change, but after a week my teeth 100% looked brighter, clearer and a touch whiter. And after 4+ weeks they’re looking they best that they have in a really really long time, and it’s been such a confidence booster. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your pearly whites and confidence this Valentines, then definitely give this a try and see how you get on, you’ll be thanking me, promise. 

Available in Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Morrisons, Waitrose and Lloyds stores for just £7.99

Do you have any top tips for getting whiter teeth, or any affordable products you use?

Sophie x

*In collaboration with Sensodyne.