My Experience Of A Photoshoot, On Set With Schwarzkopf and Superdrug Loves

Being kinda unemployed and part time self employed through my blog towards the end of last year, recently had both its downfalls and benefits. The benefits being that I could take advantage of incredible opportunities that if I had a regular full time job, I wouldn’t have been able to get involved with. One such opportunity, was the chance to take part in a photoshoot/behind the scenes video with Superdrug Loves and Schwarzkopf.

When I agreed to do the shoot I don’t think I realised how amazing the chance was going to be, and how professional it was. I was sent over a call sheet (like what, who am I), and we had a ‘crew’ consisting of photographers, videographers, ladies from the Superdrug Loves team, the hair stylist, the hair colourist, the makeup artist and a man from Schwarzkopf himself. And all of this took place at the iconic Worx Studios in Parsons Green.

Because the whole day was just so surreal and amazing I just HAD to write a blog post about my experience of the day! So I started the day getting my old commuter train from Maidenhead at 7:59 and rolled into Paddington, before making my way to Parsons Green and the studios. The studios were down the most adorable alley, complete with some hot yummy mummys, a very nicely dressed lady walking her sausage dog in a christmas jumper, and an amazing looking cupcake shop. I rolled up to the studios fresh faced sans makeup, so that the team could work with a blank canvas, lucky them hahah. Once getting to the studios and seeing the set up, like an actual proper set with massive lights and cameras and a wardrobe section with like a steamer etc, it all hit me and I got VERY nervous. Lucking another blogger/YouTuber Holly was there and she went first, so I kinda got a little look at what would be up next for me. Although Holly is like a super photogenic babe so she knew what she was doing. I had ZERO idea. 

The main purpose of the shoot was to get photos to help promote a new Schwarzkopf hair product which were featured in Superdrugs DARE magazine in Jan/Feb, and for some behind the scenes videos to be shot for the Superdrug Loves YouTube channel. 

I’ll be honest, I had no idea how tiring the day would be. It sounds MAD but standing for a while having your photo taken is weirdly tiring. And that combined with hair and makeup etc jumping in between each frame to adjust a hair strand, or to powder your chin etc, it was really quite the eye opening experience. But one I am so grateful I got to have. It was also a nice confidence boost in a weird egotistical way. I HATE having my photo taken and having photos taken of me, but I got used to it, and having people on the sidelines throwing encouraging words at you really pepps you up and boosts your confidence. And it was quite nice to experience for once!

So the lessons I learnt from my photoshoot is 1) always wear a nude/white bra for a shoot and/or bring a white cami and 2) make the most of opportunities that scare you, and say yes, 99% of the time you won’t regret it.

Sophie xxx