2017 Travel Plans

2017 Travel Plans

Last year was a pretty good travel year for me. I went on a family holiday to Porec in Croatia and of course there was the 5 weeks travelling across America. My American adventure properly cemented the travel bug for me, and since I got back in October I’ve been itching to make plans and get away again. I had planned to go to Canada with Trek America this year, but after booking our family holiday decided to save it for 2018. So here are my 2017 travel plans:

  1. Lisbon (March). The girls and I have been meaning to get away on a city break for ages but due to our jobs and other commitments it hasn’t really worked out and I had to back out of our Marseilles trip in September due to booking my American trip. It took us a while to decide on Lisbon but it’s a nice short flight and looks like a city full of culture, delicious food and drink, and I can’t wait to explore the city at the end of march 
  2. Baltic cruise (July). Again, it took us a while to settle on a family holiday. We initially thought about Sri Lanka, then South Africa but our summer is their winter and due to my sisters still being at uni around Easter time – when it would be perfect to do South Africa etc, we’ve put those plans on hold. We then decided to something a little different for our family holiday and have booked a 14 day Princess Baltic Heritage cruise. It covers Bruges, Gdansk, Tallin, Helsinki, Stockholm and St Petersburg – places I’ve wanted to visit for SO long. I honestly can’t wait to visit the stunning places, and of course I also can’t wait to Instagram and write about the trip too! 7 new cities and places to explore, i can’t wait. 
  3. Croatia – Med Sailors (September). Now this one isn’t a concrete trip, but I’m itching to take on another solo adventure and after hearing Brogan and Jess raving about their experiences it sounded right up my alley. Plus, I adore Croatia! I also need a bit of Vitamin Sea in my life, maybe 2017 will be the year of boats for me.

So those are some of my travel plans for 2017. I also plan to explore the UK more at weekends, and maybe go on some European weekend city breaks.

What travel plans do you have?

Sophie x