Byron Burger, Windsor

I love a burger, and Byron Burger have most definitely not slipped my radar after first trying them a few years ago before the BAFTAS. Yeah, IKR. Do you guys remember that time I won 2 tickets to the BAFTAS on Twitter through a Mark Hill comp? It was an amazing experience, and before soaking up some of the red carpet atmosphere, myseld and my pal Robyn popped into a nearby Byron Burger, where we sat on the street and enjoyed burgers and wine ahead of our star studded evening. And I loved it! Since then I haven’t actually had the chance to head back to one, until they opened up shop in Windsor, just a stones throw away from Windsor Castle. Like you could actually probably throw a stone from the restaurant and it would legit hit the castle. Situated on Thames Street, Windsor, amongst many other pubs and restaurants, the burger spot is in a great location.

The decor of the restaurant is very rustic diner, but not shabby, and is a great spot for a quick bite to eat at lunch, or a nice dinner as well. We were seated quickly and our waiter was really friendly and enthusiastic. The menu had a lot to offer and there were a few options that tickled my fancy, but in the end I opted for the Avocado, Quinoa and Kale Salad (£9.25), but with no avocado (ikr, am I even a blogger?!), and with extra bacon. Sometimes portions of salads can be pretty measley and also not filling. But oh my, this lovely shredded courgette, cucumber, soy bean, slow cooked tomato, basil and BACON concoction definitely hit the right spot. It was fresh, flavourful and so filling. My mum on the other hand went for the Byron Burger (£9.50) which is a 6oz burger with dry cure bacon, mature cheddar, shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce. Oh and a giant gherkin on top. YUM. My mum really enjoyed her burger and I got to inhale the gherkin. Winner. Between us we also shared a portion of the Courgette Fries (£3.50) which were light, juicy and not a soggy batter in sight. We devoured these. Drinks wise I went for a Coke Zero, which I much prefer to Diet Coke, so this made me happy. And my mum went for a Strawberry Milkshake (£4.75). Now normally strawberry is my LEAST fave milkshake flavour, purely because they can be a little bland sometimes, but this one tasted like actual strawberry and was really, really tasty. Also their freakshakes look MENTAL, but I’ll save one of those for another visit.

 We had a lovely time checking out the new Windsor Byron Burger, and if you’re ever in the area and fancy a bite to eat, definitely check it out!

 Sophie xx


*I was invited along to review Byron Burger but all views are my own.