A Rice Dream Afternoon Tea

Since forever i’ve actually never liked the taste of real cows milk, and the idea of drinking a glass of milk makes me gag. If I have cereal, I have it dry (which I prefer) and I use water for my porridge. However over the past few years alternative milks have become more common and there are more options to cows milk than ever.You can get oat milk, coconut milk, nut milk, soy milk, and rice milk, amongst many other types. Due to my nut and coconut allergies, over the past couple of years, Rice Dream has become my go to dairy-free alternative. I prefer the taste over regular milk as I find it is quite sweet, but not overly sweet.

Rice Dream is the original rice drink and is allergy free as it is free from dairy, lactose, soy, gluten,wheat and nut, as well as containing no added sugars and only contains naturally ocurring sugard from the rice fermentation.¬†Rice Dream will also be launching an on-shelf ‘try me for free’ campaign, inviting shoppers to discover the great taste of rice milk. This promotion will only be available on 120,000 packs, and allows shoppers to get their money back if they don’t enjoy the taste of Rice Dream. Although I assure you, you will really like it!

I only ever work with brands that I actually use and adore myself, and Rice Dream are a lovely bunch and sent me my very own Rice Dream hamper including a few cartons of Rice Dream, a cute cooler bag, some artisan loose leaf tea, an adorable loose tea strainer and some vintage tea cups to have my very own rice dream tea party. Now I don’t actually like regular tea, but I love mint tea, green tea and herbal tea, and I adore a good hot chocolate and Rice Dream works SO well in a hot chocolate!

Have you tried Rice Dream? What are your fave dairy-free alternatives?

Sophie xx


*In collaboration with Rice Dream