Getting To Grips With The Multi Masking Trend, With Help From The Body Shop

Back at The Body Shop’s 2016 amazing Christmas preview event I was introduced to their new range of gorgeous face masks, a range that has a face mask for every skincare need. Since their release i’ve seen people use them for multi-masking and I thought it was time I gave it a go. Multi Masking is the latest skincare craze to take the beauty blogger world by storm, with releases from L’Oreal and their Pure Clay mask range, The Body Shop have joined in on the trend too. Multi masking seems to be so popular as whilst we all have a general skin type, some areas of the face might have very different needs. This is where multi-masking comes in, as you can use two or more masks in different places to give each section of your skin the attention it needs. For example an oily t-zone, dry patchy areas, and tired areas. These masks are perfect for a variety of skin types as the new expert facial masks are packed, crushed and drizzles with natural ingredients, and each one has been expertly formulated with individual skin needs in mind. They are also made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and formulated without parabens, paraffins, silicone or mineral oils.

I decided to dip my toes into the multi-masking trend pool, but didn’t want to go in too *, so to start myself out I chose 2 masks to target specific skin conditions; dull, tired and stressed skin. To help me out with the multi-masking fun, I used the Body Shops new Facial Mask Brush (RRP £8), and it is the brush I never knew I needed in my life. But now it makes so much sense. The brush is just like a slightly angled long foundation brush, which is designed to give a smooth, even and precise application, meaning it is perfect for multi-masking as you can really target specific areas. 

First up I applied the 100% vegan Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask (RRP £15) as it is perfect for skin that needs a fast recharge from signs of fatigue and stress. Hello me! Inspired by the rituals of Amazonian tribes, this mask contains Acai berry extract which is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C that fight the appearance of fatigue, as well as guarana seed which is known for its energy boosting properties due to its high concentration of caffeine. I like to apply this mask to my forehead and nose for an instant refresh which my skin drank up, leaving it feeling energised. It kinda felt like I was applying jam to my face with a foundation brush (it kinda smelt like jam too), but I loved the small seeds which helped to exfoliate as well. Next up I added the Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask (RRP £15) to my face as it is aimed at skin that needs an intense treatment to remove dullness and unevenness. The ginseng extract is known for its skin toning and stimulating properties that help to revitalise skin, and the rice extract from China is traditionally used to moisturise and brighten the skin. I apply this mask to  to my chin as it is great for exfoliating skin, leaving it looks revitalised and bright. 

It is recommended to use these masks 2-3 times a week and to leave on for 5-10 minutes. I tend to leave masks on for a little longer as I do them when I;m in the bath and just judge it by how my skin is feeling underneath. You can easily leave these on for longer!  I was also a little apprehensive to how these masks would stay fresh but due to the secure glass pot, it means the mask doesn’t dry out at all and can stay fresh. I think using a facial mask brush makes all the difference, as as well as being more hygienic, it is also easier to use the right amount of product and there is no unnecessary wastage of product.  I love having these 2 masks in my collection and I can’t wait to try out the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask and the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. I think every girl needs a skincare solution like these masks in her skincare stash, as they can easily be whipped out for any skin care problem, and multi masking is super fun too.

Have you tried multi-masking? What face masks do you like?

Sophie xx

*PR Sample.