Best Food Delivery Apps of 2016

You might think that in 2016 you have it all, and you’ve got adulting down to a fine art, but let’s face it; none of these things will provide a satisfaction as wholesome and immediate as takeaway food. Unless you’re living in the Stone Age, you’ve got a smartphone. And with a smartphone, you have access to many wonderful things that you aren’t even aware of. See where I’m going with this? That’s right. Your favourite dish is just a few thumb-taps away, and you don’t even have to leave the sofa/bath. But which app should you choose? Luckily, there is an option for just about anybody and any food craving. The following list is a mixture of the best food delivery apps of 2016, to help you find your new best friend. Thank me later.

One Delivery

You’ve probably imagined what it would be like to have McDonald’s, Burger King or Wagamama’s delivered straight to your couch. Too good to be true, right? Think again. One Delivery is not so much a food delivery app as a miracle on earth. Next time you find yourself stuck to your couch and your PJs, give them a call and you will finally

know true happiness.

Hungry House

How much easier can it get? All that Hungry House needs is your postcode, and it will present you with all the takeaway options you could possibly ask for. Need inspiration? The app allows you to search by cuisine! Your mouth will be watering before you know

it. With over 10,000 restaurants represented nationwide, the possibilities are endless. And if that wasn’t enough, payment is done directly through the app. So convenient!


Single people of the world, rejoice! For those of you that need something more than a food delivery app – like, say, a personal assistant for wine or gifts – Henchman’s at your service. Make your request, and a dapper gentleman will be at your door within an hour. A candlelit dinner with your new beau is no longer a cause for anxiety; with Henchman, your date plans are fail-safe.


For those with refined tastes, Deliveroo is the key to a satisfying meal. Deliveroo boasts up-market options and helps you find what you’re looking for. Whereas every other app shows you what’s available and sets you loose, this one takes you by the hand. Sometimes you want healthy food; they’ll show you only the best options. Maybe you need to plan for a family gathering? Deliveroo’s got you covered. It’s almost – no, it is every bit as good as a restaurant!


Jinn lives for one purpose, and one purpose alone; to please you. Jinn’s philosophy is that you, the customer, are free to live the life you want, and Jinn will only seek to help.

Sometimes, all the takeaway in the world isn’t enough. Or maybe, takeaway just isn’t what you want. Say you want to make your favourite dish yourself, rather than have it delivered – Jinn will deliver all the ingredients that you need. Shocked? Many people are. The idea of a food delivery app is undergoing a complete paradigm shift, and you have a rare opportunity to be part of a bright and beautiful future.

So there you go, my top app reccomendations to ensure that you will never go hungry, what are your fave food delivery apps?

Sophie x

*Collaborative post with First Media.