I’m Back From The Americana Road Trip With Trek America

 On Saturday I got back from 5 weeks in the US, of which, 26 of those days were spent on the most incredible trip. Back at the start of summer my internship at Talented Talkers finished, and I though it would be the perfect time to do a bit of travelling, and it really was the best decision I think i’ve ever made. I can’t even put into words how incredible the experience was, the amazing things I did and saw will stay with me forever and just such special memories! So today’s post is a quick round up post to say hello, I’m back, normal blogging will resume asap and look our for some travel posts.

What is Trek America?

For people who don’t know what Trek America entails, basically you choose a tour, book it and fly to the destination. Trek recommend flying the day before and staying in their gateway hotel so you’re ready for the meet in the hotel lobby the next day, where you will meet at 7:30am. After you’ve signed some documents and met your group, you’ll hop in the van and set off! There is a lot of driving (obviously also dependent on your trip), but ours was coast to coast from Newark to San Fran and in total our trek leader, Garth, drove over 5,000 miles, which meant a lot of van time. I was a bit worried about this but van time actually flew by, and oh my that van rocks you to sleep. I was fast asleep for most of our journeys. We typically left camp at 9am on most days, arriving at our destination mid afternoon, and we usually stopped off at cool things on the way, and of course stopped for our picnic lunches! 

The Americana Trek

I decided on the 26 day camping Americana road trip as the itinerary ticked off many places I wanted to visit; such as Nashville, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yosemite, and many more. The Americana trip we did is the last one they will be running and I have NO IDEA why as it was perfect, but they’re always introducing new treks, so keep an eye on the site. I chose camping as I had heard it’s the best way to experience this sort of trip and helps avoids any cliques between people and you properly bond with your group. There’s nothing like washing up a gazillion pots and pans in cold water in the dark to make you bond. I didn’t expect to love the camping, but I really did. Our camp site at Monument Valley was just ridiculous, our tents just don’t look real (you’ll see properly in an upcoming post) and the views were incredible, watching the sun rise over Monument Valley from our tent is something I will never forget. 


The whole trip was just one giant highlight, but the amazing people on my trek made the experience so fun and we had so many laughs along the way that helped to make the trek so incredible. I had a few favourite highlight stops/moments so i’m going to go into more depth in another post, but my main highlights included: our night out in Nashville, Graceland, Vegas, Colorado, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, our hilarious/terrifying camping night in Amarillo, going to my first baseball game, and high school football game, Niagara Falls etc, JUST EVERYTHING.

So keep an eye out for some more detailed Trek posts!

Sophie xx