Fake Lash 101

I never used to be a massive lash lover, but as i’ve got older I can’t go on a night out without a pair of my trusty Ardell Demi Wispies and i’ve branched out and tried a few other lash brands which I like. One of those is Kiss Eyelashes, readily available in Boots, the lashes are super affordable and easy to use. I love how invisible, thin and flexible the lash bands are and how fluttery the lashes themselves look. Some pairs of lashes, like the Haute Couture set even come with an easy-angle applicator, perfect for lash newbies. Kiss also have a set of individual lashes which are so handy to have in your collection, for adding to existing lashes, or layering on top, or for a more unique look. My fave Kiss lashes are the True Volume RitzyHaute Couture Trio LashesHaute Couture Chic Twinpack and the Look So Natural Vamp lashes as they’re all so easy to use, and don’t look overly fake whilst still adding lots of length and volume. Perfect for me! I love lashes, so I thought I would share some of my top lash tips;

1) Measure the lash against your lash line before you use the glue. This can help unnecessary messing about! I find that I have to trim most pairs of lashes down to make them look more natural. I find trimming also makes them so so much easier to apply. Always make sure to trim from the outer edge otherwise if you trim from the inner corner you’ll have longer bits of lash poking you in the eye!

2) Find a glue for you. I think quite often finding the right glue for you and your lashes is an important step that people don’t appreciate. For years I wondered why fake lashes made my eyes so irritated, then I put 2 and 2 together and realised that eyelash glue has latex in, and I have a latex allergy. Great work Sophie. Some people also have a preference between clear and black lash glues too, so dabble around to find what works well for you.

3) Take your time when applying. I have made the mistake many a time of applying the glue to the strip lash, shoving it straight on my eyes and wondering why it hasn’t worked and is sliding down my face. It’s best to apply the glue to the lash, wait around a minute until the glue has gone tacky (you can test this on the back of your hand), and then slowly apply onto your lashes, using tweezers if necessary to move them about.

4) Bend the band. Sometimes it can be hard to apply lashes straight from their packaging as they may feel a little rigid. So pre glue, wrap one around your little finger or a pencil for a few moments to loosen things up a little. I find the Kiss lashes are perfect for this as the bands are so flexible, they easily hug your lash line with no effort!

5) Use the right mirror. I find that applying fake lashes when you’re looking ahead into a mirror attached to a wall, really, really hard. I much prefer a desk vanity mirror, that I can angle so that I am looking down when I apply my lashes. I find this means I apply them as close to my natural lash line as possible, making the lashes look seamless.

6) A coat of mascara. I also think it is important to give your lashes a quick curl and coat of mascara pre lash application, so yhat your fake lashes have something to blend into and hang onto. And once those bad boys are on, feel free to give your lashes another quick once over with some mascara if you fancy. 

So there are a few of my top Lash tips, what fake lash tips do you have?

Sophie xx

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