Everdine Review

If you follow me on social media (if you don’t, @sophieroseheart now) you’ll have seen that since the end of May i’ve been on a weight loss quest and since joining Slimming World, i’ve been well on the way to getting to where I want to be. Hurrah. However I’ve got into a little rut now that i’m edging close to my target and I seem to find I eat the same sort of things. I also find the hardest part of being on plan, is when I am in a  rush or feeling a bit bleh and lazy. A solution I thought I would give a go is Everdine as Everdine is great for those who don’t have time to cook but still want to enjoy healthy and delicious meals. Their subscription boxes are packed with tasty, wholesome meals to offer the perfect solution. Skilled chefs Matt and Viresh work together to design and cook gourmet dishes like Open Ravioli of Wild Mushroom & Tarragon, Quinoa Crusted Fish & Chips, Roasted Cauliflower & Barley Risotto and Warm Pea & Asparagus Orzo Salad. Both come from Michelin-star backgrounds. Matt previously worked at Paul Kitching in Edinburgh and L’Epusiette in Marseille, while Viresh worked at Hélène Darroze at the Connaught in Mayfair, London, for three and a half years. So the guys certainly know what they’re doing and that is reflected in the extensive range of meals that you can choose from and the delicious food combinations.

Using the service is really simple, after choosing a plan size, you simply choose the meals you fancy from a range of meat and vegetarian options, or choose to receive the chefs’ weekly recommendations. I decided to opt for the meat plan, but due to complex allergies I could easily select to replace meals with chicken in for any other meal, and actually chose to receive two of some dishes. The chefs carefully cook each meal by hand, before freezing them to lock in all the nutrients abundant in the high-quality ingredients that are used. This removes the need for artificial preservatives. The meals come really well packaged and are insulated with natural sheep’s wool and delivered by experienced couriers. My boxes arrived in perfectly frozen condition by noon. Most Everdine meals are suitable for microwave-heating in only around 10 minutes, ensuring you can spend your precious time on better things. However be prepared for some that can only be cooked in the oven, as these take around 40mins, and sometimes do require a little longer than that. Everdine subscription boxes are currently available on a fortnightly basis, in sizes of either 8 or 12 meals per delivery. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled, and the delivery schedule and meals edited at any time.

Now, when I first heard the idea behind this service, I basically had an image of your bog standard ready meal. However these are so much more than that. They taste so fresh, homemade and nutritious. I did find that a few of my dishes had a bit of excess water in them, due to the nature of freezing, defrosting and cooking, but not enough to totally put me off. I tried the Pulled Beef Ragu, Black Bean Chilli Burrito, Spaghetti, Open Ravioli of Wild Mushroom & Tarragon, Mushroom Spaghetti Carbonara, Lamb Kofta with Roast Onion Bulgur Wheat, Harissa & King Prawn Tabbouleh. My favourites were definitely the Black Bean Chilli Burrito (as photographed) and the carbonara.

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Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Everdine.