Code Beautiful Volumising Lengthening Mascara

(Sorry for the dark images, damn you A/W)

I love mascara, and weekly i’m singing the praises of a new or alltime fave mascara, and sometimes I feel it’s all I talk about. But I do really just love the stuff. I find that the right mascara really opens up my eyes, making me look more peppy and wide awake, and of course lengthens, blackens and volumises my lashes. Making them look the best they really can. I recently tried the CODE Beautiful VLM Volumising, Lengthening Mascara (RRP £19.95) and as you can see from the above photos, it’s a new fave! CODE Beautiful are a British mascara brand that aim to give every girls mascara need in one perfect product. I love supporting homegrown, British brands, and especially one that makes my lashes look so great too. 

CODE Beautiful VLM (now available on Beauty Bay FYI) is a luscious glossy black fibre based mascara with an exceptional brush that gives fabulous lash lift, length and volume. It’s amazing build on build technology allows you to build layers for the perfect look for you, day or night time and does not smudge, flake or clump. It’s also tear proof for those emotional moments and watery watery eyes (especially at this time of you, gr winter sun). CODE VLM is also kind to your lashes as the formula is packed with vitamins and waxes to encourage lash growth. Using the CODE Beautiful ‘Roots, Wriggle and Roll’ technique as demonstrated and described on the back of the mascara box will ensure you have clump free gorgeous long and volumised lashes all day long. The product is also paraben free which is important. 

I’ve been reaching for this on most days as I love the look it creates. I also love the wand, as the wand features the perfect sized tapered medium bristled brush. Basically the dream mascara wand I always lean towards.

What do you think, have you tried anything from CODE Beautiful? What mascaras do you love right now?

Sophie xx

*PR Sample.