The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes Review

I love an eyeshadow palette and to date I haven’t tried much of the cosmetics that you can get from The Body Shop, however their latest Down To Earth collection got the palette obsessive inside me, excited. The new Down To Earth Quads and Down To Earth Palette are inspired by the Earth’s richest natural colours and enriched with Community Trade marula, babassu and sesame oils, a caring formula, which prevents creasing for a long lasting finished. The shades are all stunning and are beautifully buildable and blendable, meaning that you can create the perfect look at all times. All the shadows can be used wet and dry, depending on your desired look and finish, and makes the shadows super versatile.

I really like the slim, sleek, simple packaging that the shadows come in and I realised that you can in fact pop each shadow out from the underneath so that you can mix and match palettes depending on your taste, style and needs – making them super travel friendly. The palettes also house a very generous mirror, making them even more of an essential.

I tried out the quads in the shades 03 Smoky Grey and 04 Smoky Plum and was really blown away by the quaulity and wearability of the shades. I would probably say between these 2 palettes, the plum is more suited to my eye colour as I find cool toned plums and purples really bring out my blue eyes, but so do greys, so they’re both great palettes to add to my collection. I really like that the shadow pans themselves are fairly big at a 2.2g square, meaning it’s easy to swirl your brush around in, and the ability to switch pans in and out of the palettes has been super handy as i’ve really enjoyed using the bottom right dark shimery grey in the smoky grey palette, in my plum palette. Each of the palettes come with a lighter neutral base/highlight shade which is also handy. The Smoky Grey is built up of one peachy toned, slightly shimmery neutral, a matte charcoal grey, a shimmery silver and a shimmery dark charcoal grey. The Smoky Plum consists of a matte bright off white type shade, a gorgeous 

The quads are priced at £15 each and the larger Down To Earth Glow Palette at £22, which is reasonable for such lovely, gorgeous quality shadows, they really do feel luxurious. Have you tried anything from the latest Body Shop cosmetics collection?

Sophie xx

*PR Samples.