How to Survive Your First Holiday with Friends

So whilst you’re reading these I am currently on a trip of a lifetime, travelling across America, however I thought it would be the perfect chance to share some content from some of my fave bloggy people. So today;s post is brought to you by Francesca, and she thought that as I am currently off making some wonderful new friends on my travels, that this little guide to surviving your first ever holiday with friends might be apt, so here you are!


Do not go away with people you’ve only known for a month. Don’t head off with that girl you’ve only ever spoken to in lectures, or that friend you only ever see at work. You’re spending a week, maybe more, with this group, likely sharing a room; that’s pretty much 24/7 exposure. If they have weird eating habits, night terrors, or are just really mean drunks, you should probably know that, so you can be prepared.


This doesn’t just apply to booking the holiday; you also have to be mindful of not expecting people to spend more than they’re comfortable with. The number of times I’ve been in a group where the inevitable ‘eating in/eating out’ debate occurs is unreal, so it’s worth talking about this before you go. If you’re in self-catering accommodation, it’s worth planning to eat in a few nights, and save eating out for your first and last nights, just for balance


We all have that one friend who just has themselves together in ways we can’t quite fathom; usually, this is a source of envy, but when it comes to vacations, it’s them who should be looking after your travel documents, and who should be in charge of your room’s safe combination, so you can all keep your passports safe. Don’t take the pee, though – if you want to visit a specific sight, or arrange an excursion, don’t leave all the details and planning to them, it’s their vacation, too!


It’s good idea to have a rough idea of what everyone’s ideal holiday would entail. Personally, I’m a ‘lazing on a beach for the entire week’ kind of girl, but if you’ve got friends that like exploring, or someone who’s into water sports, you have to balance that out. The best thing to do is, in the run up to your trip, ask everyone if there’s anything they’re desperate to do whilst you’re there, so you can fit everything in – and don’t be afraid to split up into smaller groups (don’t leave anyone on their own, please!), so you can all enjoy your time.


Do not be that person with the strict itinerary, with every single moment is planned out. Yes, you will have to be structured when it comes to excursions or sightseeing, but it’s important to keep the spontaneity. If you’re a group, there’s bound to be something that catches someone’s eye that you hadn’t accounted for, and some of the best holiday adventures happen spur of the moment. Be flexible, and willing to compromise.

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Sophie xx