What I Packed For My Trek America Adventure

With 17 days to go (i’ll shut up about it soon, maybe not), i’ve been a major keen bean and packed as much as I possibly can already, because I AM TOO EXCITED. Now I love a list, and as soon as I had booked my trek I got out a fresh notebook and got list making, lists for everything, and one of the first ones; was what to pack. There is an abundance of blog posts and videos on the perfect things to pack for your Trek America adventure, so I thought I would share a few things that made my list and into my suitcase. I’m going to report back after I came home and let you guys know whether things I packed were actually needed, and if there is anything I would recommend to bring/not bring etc!


– 1 zip hoody

– 1 thick hoody

– Trainers

Flip flops


– 3 x Denim Shorts

 – 1 bikini and 1 swimsuit

– Black leggings

– Black Jeans/Blue Jeans

– Gym Shorts/leggings

– 1 nice dress

– a few easy day dresses


– T-shirts

– Vest tops

– Undies

– Sports socks

– Day cross body bag/can be turned into a clutch

– day backpack

– lightweight coat


1 Large travel towel

 – 1 hang up wash bag

– 1 clear makeup bag

– dry shampoo

– body spray

– bug spray/bug bite spray

– medications

-all usual essential toiletries

– Makeup and brushes etc

– Makeup wipes

– Sun cream


 – Camera (taking the Nikon Coolpix s7000)

– Charging cables.

Aukey 4 port USB Car Charger

– Headphones (taking the grey urbanear platten headphones)

– Back up chargers

– Extra camera battery and SD card.

USA Adapters.


– 1 padlock for suitcase, 1 bigger one for Hostel.

Packing cubes to organise laundry and items

– Head Torch

– Sleeping bag

– Sleeping bag liner

– Travel pillow

– Documents, passport etc

If you can think of any other things I may need, let me know!

Sophie xx