Superdrug Travel Essentials

It is now just 20 days till I set off on my Trek America adventures, and in my bid to be as budget savvy as possible, I’ve quite extensively researched items I should/will hopefully need, and the cheapest places to find them. One place in particular that I thought did travel very well, was Superdrug, and so I thought I would share some of the travel essentials I have picked up to take away on my trip with me!

Clear wash bags are an essential for wherever you may be travelling, rummaging through your makeup bag for that thing that might be lurking right at the bottom, it might not be, is the worst. Clear ones mean products and items are super easy to spot, and saves a lot of time and faffing about. I find clear bags like this clear stripe cosmetic bag are especially handy for travelling all those non-cosmetic essentials, such as your handy wipes, which are amazing whilst travelling as they can be used to wipe things down, to sanitize or refresh your hands, and their slim slize means they can be slotted into your day bag easily as well. And don’t forget some Antibacterial Hand Gel too, the Superdrug Strawberry& Raspberry scent in particular is lovely and makes your hands feel super clean, especially whilst out travelling when you don’t have times to locate a sink etc. Travel Bottle Sets are also great for travel, and these Superdrug ones are great in particular as they have the size of each container written in bold on the side which is super useful. I plan to pop some night cream in one of these (for when I remember to use it) and maybe some hand cream in the other one. I love a mini product, and as well as being cute they are also perfect for travel and whilst I am not susceptible to bugs and bites (they don’t seem to find me tasty enough), a mini Buzz Off Soothing Insect Bite Spray is definitely coming with me, just in case the American bugs take a fancy to me, and if not – I am sure it will come in use for someone else as well.

I love some of the non-essential, yet actually essential products I always decided to throw in my bag; however oral hygiene whilst out and about is always important, and after recently having to endure 3 fillings (and £180 later), I am so precious about my teeth and making sure I look after them. This Superdrug Total Care Medium Travel Toothbrush is great as you pop the top brush part out, and then insert it brush first into the case, and the clear bright pink means the toothbrush is also really easy to locate. Alongside this, the ultra dinky, super cute Travel Floss (10m) in mint is an essential, it is only the size of a £1 coin but will be a great reminder to floss them teeth! And of course, I wouldn’t be good to go without some freshmint toothpaste, and this miniature size is again great for travel.

Two non toiletry products that are also going to be super handy on my trip is this Travel Detergent for coloured and white fabrics; in case I don’t find a laundrette or anything similar and this twin set of locks which will be super useful for both locking my luggage and for my hostel at the end in San Francisco. 

Do you have any tips on travel essentials?

Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Superdrug.