Paul Mitchell Products, Perfect For The Sensitive Scalp

I think I always go on about my sensitive, prone to flaking scalp (sexy I know), but sometimes it honestly can be the bane of my life and make me so self conscious – especially if i’m using a new shampoo/conditioner duo that does not get on with my head! I often go for moisturising hair products, even though I have hair that is in good condition and moisturised, it helps nourish my scalp. I also like to look for products with mint or tea tree ingredients as I find these are really refreshing for my scalp. So enter the latest products to soothe my scalp, and leave my hair looking and smelling great.

 I was totally drawn to the Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Special range, a range of products that invigorate hair with tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender extracts. The Tea Tree Special Shampoo (£15.25 for 300ml) is paraben free, vegan, colour safe and contains special ingredients and tea tree oil to rid hair of impurities, leaving hair full of vitality and luster. I love the minty tingle after using this product as it feels both refreshing and like the shampoo is properly cleaning my scalp. The Tea Tree Special Conditioner (£15.95 for 300ml) is my favourite of the products I tried, as it helps to prevent moisture loss, whilst instantly detangling, softening, smoothing and renewing worn-out hair. I’ve found that with both these products a little really goes a long way, and my hair, and more importantly scalp, love the duo! I also tried out the Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment (£17.25 for 200ml), a gorgeous treatment that reconditions, repairs, and protects hair while moisturising strands and soothing the scalp. The soy proteins, panthenol, vitamin e and shea butter help to repair and protect, whilst willow bark helps to soothe troubled skin on the scalp. I like to apply a small amount to my scalp after shampooing, about once a week (usually a Sunday), massaging into the scalp and leaving on for around 5 minutes, before rinsing out and following up with the conditioner, for a super refreshed scalp and hair. For an extra treat I bring in the big guy, the Super-Charged Moisturiser (£16.50 for 200ml), for days or weeks when my hair needs an extra extra shot of moisture. This treatment delivers an intense dose of moisture for dehydrated hair whilst boosting shine and improving elasticity.The treatment is ultra-rich and makes my hair so much more manageable, simply apply to clean damp hair, leave on for around 5 minutes and rinse out for moisturised locks.

Have you tried anything from Paul Mitchell, do you have a sensitive scalp at all? What are yur fave hair products right now?

Sophie xx

*PR Samples.