Practising Mindfulness on Your Lunch Break

I like to mix up my lunches and the latest food to make their way into my lunch routine has been Kabuto Noodles! Kabuto make really nice premium instant noodles and as well as being free from additives and preservatives, Kabuto’s entire range all contains less than 350 calories and are low in fat, so you can enjoy a great tasting lunch without the guilt. The combination of high quality noodles and rice, warming broth and fresh flavours like chilli, lime, ginger and coriander all come together to make the perfect great tasting convenient lunch. The range features varieties like Chicken Laksa, Miso Ramen and Thai Green Chicken Curry, and on this occasion I tried out the Beef Pho and Miso Ramen noodles with the Beef Pho Noodles quickly becoming a lunchtime go-to!

Kabuto are all about providing a healthy and convenient meal that actually fills you up and giving you time to do the things you want. Which is exactly what I have been trying to do more of, taking time out to do more of what I actually want. Whether that be, enjoying my quick and easy Kabuto Noodles before heading off for a stroll around Regents Park, listening to my favourite Podcasts (Ctrl Alt Delete, Ladies Who Lunch, Filler) and I find by taking this time to get outside, get some fresh air, escape the screens, and clear my head, is my way of practising mindfulness.

If your lunchtime has turned into a battleground between a tasty meal and your to-do list, Kabuto Noodles are the ideal solution as they leave you plenty of time to do more of what you want. You can find Kabuto Noodles in most major supermarkets; Tesco, Sainsbury’s,  Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda etc, for just £2!.

  How do you practice mindfulness and what to do you do to make sure you’re doing what you really want?

Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Kabuto Noodles.