Getting Whiter Teeth With iWhite and Instant Whites

iWhite Tooth Polisher

iWhite Tooth Polisher

I’ve always had something I don’t like about my teeth, when I was younger they were pointy and ratty, but then 3 years of braces and a minor op fixed all that, but then they were never quite as white or pearly as I would like. I’ve tried many a whitening product over the years, including the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System (post here), and recently I tried out both the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Tooth Polisher and Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Tooth Polisher  RRP (£39.99)

This Whitening system claims to eliminate and remove plaque, superficial stains from coffeee/tea and prevent the build up of plaque and the set contains the iWhite Tooth Polisher, 1 20ml tube of the polishing gel and 2 AAA batteries. The polisher is pretty simple to use and I just followed the instructions. I brushed my teeth gently before use, checked the polishing cup was correctly screwed onto the device (at first I thought it was a protective cover and tried to yank it off, oops), then place a small amount of the gel inside and on the tip of the polishing cup and spread some gel over the teeth you will be polishing and then simply place the rotating cup gently on each area of your teeth that you are polishing. Polish each area for a few seconds, with minimal pressure, and reapply the polishing gel when and where necessary, rinse your mouth and then voila – all polished! It is recommended to use the polisher once a week, so I have started to include this as part of my Sunday pamper and it is a nice element to add it. To look after your polisher, clean with water after use, wiping inside the polishing cup, and place the lid on top. 

 Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System (RRP £29.99)

The Instant Whites 7 day whitening system are something i’ve seen online so I was really intrigued to try these out. The system comes with 7 liquid filled swabs, and promise visible results in less than 5 minutes whilst rapidly removing plaque and surface stains, whilst promising zero sensitivity. These come in a slim plastic case that is perfect for travelling and keeping the swabs fresh between use. Simply make sure the swap tip is in an upright position, then slowly begin to push the swabby end into the liquid at the bottom, until the swab tip becomes moist with liquid. Use the swab tip to lightly rub and apply a small amount of liquid on the surface of all teeth that you want to whiten, rubbing in a circular motion, spending 10-20 seconds per tooth, or around 5 minutes for all teeth. Afterwards rinse mouth with warm water, and enjoy brighter,teeth. This is a teeth whitening system that I have actually noticed visible results fairly quickly with, and is one I really like as it is so simple, fuss free, and quick. 

I really enjoyed trying both these whitening products and found that the Instant Whites work best for quickly achieving brighter, whiter teeth, so would maybe reuse these again the week before a big event etc. I found the iWhite polisher best as a long term cleaning product for my teeth, and maintaining clean, brighter and more polished teeth and is a welcome addition to my Sunday evening pamper routine!

Have you tried any teeth whitening products, what ones do you like?

Sophie x

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