Crownbrush Haul and Review

Crown Brush is a brand I have been wanting to try for SO SO long, and just haven’t for some reason or other. However enough was enough, and I finally managed to get my hands on some raved about products, and products that looked right up my street.

Before I had a proper nosey about on the Crown Brush site, I knew it was famed for their incredible blusher, bronzer and more recently, contour palettes, and the main event – brushes. I didn’t buy any ground breaking brushes, but decided on C436 Mini Duo Fiber Blender Brush, perfect for applying concealer and highlighter, an SS027 Deluxe Blending Crease Brush, C441 Pro Blending Brush, C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush, C205 Red Sable Oval and a C115 Mascara Spoolie, which I use to brush through my brows with! I was so excited to try the brushes, as Crown Brushes are raved about by everyone, and I was not left disappointed. A girl can never have too many fluffy blending brushes, so they have been a welcome addition to my brush collection, especially when I get lazy with the old brush washing! The mini stippling brush has been incredible for blending in brightening under eye concealer, as well as applying highlighter on my cheekbones, and could also work really well for cream contour too!

Following on from all the perfect brushes, I decided to try out some lip products as I am SO SO into Lip Gloss right now, and decided to try the Lush Lip Glosses in the shades Sophia and Sexxy, as well as a Lip Liner Pencil in Mojave Rock, a perfect pinky nude. First up, I was super impressed with the glosses as they’re a lovely consistency – not too thin, but not too thick either. They also feel really comfortable on the lips, and are not sticky sticky, but a sort of soft-sticky consistency, which is how I like my glosses to feel. I feel without a slight tackiness they would just slide off of my lips and onto my face! The shade Sophia is my perfect spring summer gloss shade, as it is a lovely warm peachy pinky shade with subtle flecks of shimmer in the tube, that when applied to lips just makes the gloss appear extra glossy! The shade Sexxy is a bit of a 90’s throwback/a gloss that bloggers will go mad for, as it is literally a pure rose gold gloss – a truly stunning shade that on the lips adds extra dimension when layered over a brown toned nude. I’v been loving using the lip liner underneath the Sophia gloss as it makes the gloss last so long, and looks amazing!

Now onto palettes! I decided to try out the Crown Brush Blusher Palette, a super sleek blusher palette that contains 6 blush shades, and 4 more bronzey shades which can also be used for contouring. I love how sleek the palette is, and how sturdy it also feels, making it the perfect travel palette as it contains shades for any occasion. I also really like the mixture of shimmery and matte shades, and for £14.99 it is SUCH a bargain! I also chose 2 of the dinky little Eyeshadow Trios in the shades French Riviera and Catalina. The trios come in a cutesie palette with one of those foamy applicators and features a really adorable bow clasp which I really liked. The shadows are really lovely and soft, and whilst they pigmentation isn’t out of this world, for £5.99 they’re really great value and are perfect for providing a simple wash of colour, as well as more dramatic smokey eyes without any fall out etc. 

Have you tried anything from Crown Brush?

Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Crown Brush.