Benefit Cheekathon Palette

I always rave on about Benefit and how I adore their products, packaging and branding, and the latest Benefit Cheekathon Palette it just so flawless. This palette is exclusive to House of Fraser for just £44.50, which is such a steal when each boxed blusher works out at £23.50 per blusher and the packaging is oh so worth it. I love the packaging (how many times can I say that), but I really do, and this palette would make the perfect gift for almost anyone. The packaging is sturdy, and comes with the most GINORMOUS mirror ever, so you’re totally set for on the go and travel makeup when you have this with you (which you definitely should, at all times). Contain 5 best selling blushes and bronzer that would suit most skin tones, you’re in for a treat.

Dandelion is a sheer, ballerina-pink face powder that takes your complexion from dull to radiant. 

Hoola is a classic, award winning warm bronzer that is fab for both an all over bronze or a contour, due to its matte finish

Rockateur is the show stopper of the palette and is a rose gold shade with a shimmery top layer that once dusted off, reveals a gorgeous 

Dallas is in my opinion, a very underrated shade as it can warm up any complexion with its dark dusky rose tones, meaning it is a bronzer and blusher all in one!

CORALista is a warm coral-pink shade that is perfect for spring and summer.

The cutesie and super glam packaging also contains a little how to booklet with some tips and ways to use the products, which is a lovely touch. When I visited the Good Ship Benefit a few weeks back (post here), the lovely Lauren demonstrated how she uses this palette and it was so versatile, She used a selection of the blushes, and Hoola as both an eyeshadow, all over bronze, and a more defined contour – making use of the cute little natural bristle brush that comes with the palette as it is the perfect size and shape for creating the perfect contour!

Have you had your eye on this palette, you need it!

Sophie x

*PR Sample.