My Experience of and Tips for Mild Rosacea

Blogging has many perks and benefits, and one of the main ones is that they can work as a great fountain of knowledge and as a way to share people’s personal experiences which others can then interact with, engage with, and relate to. So I thought it would be hopefully useful to someone out there if I shared my experience with hyperpigmentation/mild rosacea, as the more people that talk about it, the more known it becomes, right? I have friends with pretty severe rosacea, mild, and then there is me and I have pretty mild rosacea – but it is still there and susceptible to flare ups, so I thought I would share some top tips I have and products that can work to help soothe, and counteract any extreme colour and symptoms. I find my redness worse in the colder months, but luckily we are finally coming out the other side.

There are now more products than ever targeted at helping the condition which is great and many are fab at soothing, I already have pretty sensitive eczema prone skin so I do have to watch what I use but I really like gentle products, especially the Avene products available, including the Avene Redness Relief and Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser. I also find the Dermalex Repair Emollient Cream really good, which is steroid free (although some Dr’s prescribe steroid creams, I don’t find those help as such). For base products for your makeup, you want a smoothing, colour correcting type primer where possible, and the Stila One Step Correct Primer is really great as it evens out your skin tone and smooths out your base. I always make sure to go for yellow toned concealers and foundations (apart from peachy ones just for under the eye area), as these can counteract any flushing or redness, however I find I can’t wear totally extreme yellow toned shades as it just doesn’t sit right on my skin – the quest for the perfect foundation shade is still ongoing! 

Asides from using helpful products and lotions and potions, I also recommend keeping your skin as clean as possible, letting it breathe and wearing minimal makeup when/and where possible and drinking loads of water. We all know water is super beneficial for the skin, but with the case of rosacea it is super great as water helps to flush out bad toxins from your skin/body, that may cause skin to inflame, and is a simple step to include in your routine.

Do you have rosacea, hyperpigmentation or any similar skin issues – what are your favourite products to use, and do you have any tips? If you’re looking for a place to share your thoughts, hopes, frustrations and advice amongst a community of those who understand, or simply other rosacea related blogs then take a look at the experience my rosacea site, and join the conversation on social media using #ExperienceMyRosacea

Sophie x

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