Life Lately: Eating, Playing and Letting My Hair Down

The last few months or so have been pretty manic for me, and just gogogo, all. the. time. Recently I finally got to sit down breathe, and just chill, it was lovely. So I thought I would share with you all some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to lately.

Eating – Deliveroo faves from Coggings & Co

Eating is one of my most fave activities, especially after a longgg week at work. A few Fridays ago myself and Ben decided we would get a Deliveroo treat for dinner and so during the day we scrolled through the app, chose Coggings & Co, and pre-ordered our food to be delivered later on at 8:15. I had never used the app before, and it was so easy to use and SO fun, as it showed a little map and your driver/cycler on their way, with regular updates which was FAB. I went for the 6oz Beef, Monterey Jack Cheese & Honey Glazed Streaky Bacon burger with veg oil fries and Ben went for the 6oz Beef, Scotch Bonnet, Mango Salsa and Provolone Cheese burger with beef dripping fries, we then got some incredible onion rings to share and a fun Sussex cider each. I love a good cider, and the opportunity to try an independent local one is not an offer I pass down. I had the Hunt Hornet Sparkling Dry Sussex Cider and it was DELICIOUS. On this occasion we were having dinner with Deliveroo, but if we were having lunch, the new Chilli Pickle Lunch menu looks INCREDIBLE, and you can read Rosies review of it here .

Letting my Hair Down – Pryzm Brighton

Everyone needs to let their hair down every now and then, and that is what myself and my uni gal pals do best. We had been trying to organise a reunion for literally like 5 months but due to various situations it had to be cancelled and rescheduled a few times, till we finally found a date that 5/7 of us could do. SOLD. We decided to have a good old classic night out in Pryzm Brighton where we used to go basically every Wednesday for Ocies Wednesday, but this time went on a Saturday (which was like my second Saturday Pyzym experience ever) and it was super lush as we had a VIP booth, a hostess, drinks, drinks, and you guessed it, some more drinks. It was sooo fun to dress up, take some cute photos and just let our hair down, catch up, and have a good night. The hostess service was also brilliant and the gorgeous girl looking after us was super helpful and I totally recommend doing so on a night out as if you divvy up the cost between a group it works out at like £20-30 per head, dealll.

Playing – Oscars Bingo with Showcase Cinema

Work hard, play hard, right? Oscars night seems like moons ago now, but at the time it was the most highly anticipated event of the year, and for the right reasons. The lovely Showcase cinema created an Oscars Bingo game and sent me a gorgeous box filled with snacks, champagne, a bingo board, some Leo and Kate masks, my own Oscars Statue, a dabber, and my bingo card. I played along with the catch up the next day and it was a blast, interacting with fellow bloggers online and catching up on the action; I even got a bingo and won 2 cinema tickets which was an added bonus. I then used these cinema passes over the Easter weekend to see Allegiant with my little sister at our local Showcase which is an incredible Showcase Cinema De Lux!

So there you go, a few fun things from the last month or so! Have you been up to anything fun recently?

Sophie xx