Caprera Foods, My Top 3 Picks

Caprera Food Chocolate Tree Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Halen Môn Sea Salt Crackers

Elderflower Garden Cider

Caprera is described as the Artinsan Food Marketplace, and that is exactly what it is, no frills, just really lovely food and drink from independent retailers – so when I was asked if I would like to get involved with the brand and to try some bits out, I was never going to say no, especially when it involved chocolate, crackers and cider. (The three C’s in life)

Chocolate Tree Raspberry Dark Chocolate (RRP £3.50)

As soon as I saw this in the box I knew it was going to be love. Raspberries are my all time fave fruit/flavour/everything and the combo of fresh dried raspberries and extra dark organic  chocolate is a combo made in heaven. This bar felt like a proper treat and I managed to make it last a few DAYS. I know, WHAT?!

Halen Môn Sea Salt Crackers (RRP £2.99)

Flavoured with the famous Halen Môn sea salt, these savoury crackers were the first in the CNWC range, light and airy with fantastic crunch. Hand baked in Wales with organic flour, Welsh butter and Halen Môn sea salt (also known as Anglesey sea salt), they go great with cheese and pâtés in simple yet elegant canapes, but are delicious enough to be enjoyed on their own as a snack. And snack is exactly what I did. I really liked how airy these crackers were, and how substantial and filling they were, and also how delightfully they went with cheese as the sea saltiness was super light and not at all overpowering.

Elderflower Garden Cider (RRP £2.58)

I am a cider fiend. I also love elderflower. A pairing made in heaven. The Garden Cider company are based in Surrey (kinda near where I live in berkshire) so to enjoy some local (ish) craft cider, was a proper treat. The blend of original garden cider and the delicately balanced fragrance of elderflower really makes a craft cider with a truly unique character that is both refreshing and delicious without being too over sweet. The Plum and Ginger Cider sounds equally fun too!

Have you tried Caprera out before, or anything similar?

Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Caprera.