The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

I love Maybelline mascaras, and new releases always get me excited. The Lash Sensation got me super excited and I am now on my third tube of the stuff and I SWEAR by it. However, Maybelline released a new one, the Falsies Push Up Drama, and of course I had to get my hands on it asap, and onto my lashes, pronto. The description for the mascara promises that the creamy, rich and plumping formula can provide volume in a matter of swipes due to a new combination of an adhesive polymer and soft wax and the unique ‘wiper’ style wand helps to boost and lift lashes. A ‘unique wiper style wand’, sorry, nothing ground breaking here. That aside, I came to quite like this mascara after first not getting along with it. 

I’ll be honest, at first, I couldn’t stand it. I found it hard to swipe off excess product and it just made my lashes look short, stumpy, clumpy (and I love spider lashes), and just plain awful. I gave up, and decided to leave it a week as I did with the previous release, and voila, that was the trick. I now really like it, and have found myself reaching for it most days. Who would’ve thought! I find that it works really well at lengthening and separating my lashes on the first application, and then on the second and a gazillionth coat comes the volume, which I love. I find it super buildable, however my main issue is that it just does not hold a curl and find my lashes droop a little towards the end of the day – which is not typically an issue I have. Asides from that the packaging is also really fun, I love pink and red as a combo, and the high shine of the tube feels totally girly in my makeup bag.

Have you tried the latest mascara release from Maybelline, what did you think? What is your favourite high street/drugstore mascara right now?

Sophie x