Nioxin Hair Faves

Nioxin is a brand that in my opinion is not raved about enough, and whilst on the pricier side of things, are well worth their money as their products are targeted at boosting volume and protecting thinning hair, and are totally worth the investment.

The latest addition to the Nioxin line up is the Night Density Rescue.The Nioxin Night Density Rescue is a leave-in treatment solution designed exclusively for overnight use. It has been clinically proven to promote hair density while sleeping, reducing hair fall out associated with scalp surface oxidative damage caused by UV exposure, pollution and environmental factors. So, it is perfect for adding volume and thickness to hair that is a little sensitive and weak, which is exactly what I find my hair is. I’ve been really enjoying adding this rescue serum into my hair wash routine as it feels really nourishing and luxurious and although I can’t comment on the full effects yet, my hair is looking super full and thick right now, and looks and feels so healthy, and this (and the definition creme) have been the only new additions into my routine, so fingers crossed!

Niospray Regular Hold is a fab multi-tasking, light hold hairspray that works to keep your ‘do in place whilst creating movement and the illusion of thicker locks, which is why I think this spray is worth spending the extra money on. Formulated with LIGHTPLEX technology, its complex of polymers and conditioning agents provide light, balanced styling hold without that crispy, stiff finish. Expect thicker looking hair with a workable finish that is easy to brush out and the ginormous can means this badboy spray will last SO LONG.

Definition Creme is a lovely anti-frizz smoothing cream that works to refine the texture of thinning hair and provide sturdy hold. Formulated with LIGHTPLEX technology, its complex of polymers and conditioning agents provide a light, balanced styling finish with no heavy, rigid feeling. Expect hair with refined definition and texture with a soft, shiny finish. Simply apply 1.5inch of product into your palm and work evenly throughout clean damp hair, adding more product if needed/desired and blow dry for optimal results. 

Have you ever tried anything from Nioxin?

Sophie x

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