3 Top Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Lunch Hour

 This post is a post I’ve been contemplating about writing for a while. At the beginning of 2016, like everyone else I set myself a few goals for the new year, but this year I wanted them to be positive, achievable and beneficial and included, 1) to go back to my ‘beauty blog roots’ and stick to being a beauty blog with a side of life, not just a lifestyle blog, and 2) to be more productive. So today’s post is all about boosting that productivity, even when you’re strapped for time, which is all the time (how many times can I say time in this post..) Since I started my proper ‘adult’ full time job back in November, it is pretty clear that my blog has suffered and taken a back seat. Commuting to London for 5 days a week can be pretty weary and hobbies and things I genuinely enjoyed doing in my free time (which now only exists slightly at the weekends) stopped. So today I wanted to share my top tips for making the most of the available time you do have during the day to be the most proactive you can be; starting with, your lunch break. Every lunch break varies, but mine is an hour. Typically I don’t really utilise this hour to its full potential, I flick through Twitter, eat my sandwich, maybe venture out to Tesco to peruse the same 3 aisles, and normally I just carry on with my work. But this is an area where I have decided to make changes to properly fulfil my day and make the most of my time.

1. Get out of the office/your chair

I find that when I spend my full hour sat at my desk, it doesn’t really break up my day, and it doesn’t feel like I have actually had a break from my work. I also find I start to get a majorly numb bum. So I am trying to make an effort to get out of my chair, use my legs, get some fresh air and explore. I don’t properly explore, I normally just wander up the road in one direction for a bit and then loop back, but try to get out and walk for about 20-30 mins before heading back. I also find this helps combat the post lunch food coma that can typically ensue. I also spend this time listening to podcasts, music, or whatsapping my pals and it is really refreshing. 

2. Mix up your lunches

I look forward to lunch every day basically as soon as I’ve rolled out of bed. Fact. However when you know you’ve got that same packed lunch with a Tesco oat topped roll with honey roast ham, the novelty of saving money on a packed lunch wears off. Fast. So switch it up! Recently I discovered the Crosta & Mollica Street Pizzas which are currently on an AMAZING deal for £1.99/2 for £3.50 in Waitrose. These fun, totally authentic, totally delicious and filling, rolled up pizzas are great for work lunches. They do need 8 minutes in an oven, so I cook mine the night before, bung in the fridge and either eat cold at work (who doesn’t love cold pizza?) or heat up for a couple of mins in the microwave. I also really enjoy dinner leftovers for work lunches, or a good homemade soup works well. Also, top tips: if you can eat lunch away from your desk. It makes such a difference, and you really appreciate that lunch/eating time wayyy more. 

3. Blog stuff, emails, engage

My biggest issue is balancing blogging and full time work. If I could, I would spend all day writing posts, taking photographs, editing photos, contacting and speaking with PR’s etc, engaging on social media, and all that fun stuff. But alas, that doesn’t pay the bills. I’ve tried doing all my blogging in the evening after work, but by the time I’ve got home, taken my makeup off, showered, got in my pjs, had dinner etc, turning on my laptop and having more screen time and doing some blogging ‘stuff’ is literally the least appealing thing, ever. I am my most switched on at work, so I try to make the most of that by using my lunch break to reply to e-mails, engage with other bloggers on Twitter, and take my time to really enjoy and read some of my favourite blogs. After all, blogging is my hobby, something I enjoy and do to unwind and chill out, so is the perfect thing to do in my lunch hour. I also find that reading blogs can be super beneficial to read during my break as they really inspire me and keep me switched on. 

What do you do to be as productive as you can be in your lunch break?

Sophie x

*In collaboration with Crosta & Mollica.