L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation Review

Foundations do their rounds on blogs, and the foundation that seemed to be in the limelight a few months ago was the L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation, a foundation I became very eager to try out, and then forgot to actually blog about. I have oily skin and normally always opt for matte finish foundations, or semi matte that I can powder up to keep the shine at bay. As a lover of the Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation for the day and the Revlon Colorstay for nights out, I was intrigued to see how those option fared and whether it would replace both my day and night foundations, become the middle ground between the two for bad skin days, or possibly merge the two into one…

One thing I found pretty good when buying the foundation, was that I wasn’t the palest shade on offer, something pretty unheard of, in fact I walked away with the 3rd palest shade 12 Natural Rose. A pretty perfect match for me, although on the slightly pinker tone of things. I really like that the foundation comes in a minimal packaging, easy to use 35ml squeezy tube that seems to last forever, and I love how the nozzle is pretty fine so you don’t end up squirting too much foundation out and wasting it. A winner all round so far. 

L’Oreal claim that this foundation will last for 24 hours (a claim i’ve never understood why foundation make, why would you want it to last 24 hours?? 12 fine, but 24?!), whilst providing a matte result that is waterproof and providing perfect coverage with no cakiness. When I first applied this foundation I was so impressed, after just one layer with my RT Buffing Brush, I had a look in the mirror and it looked as though I had already powdered, however this was just the finish of the foundation, amazing! It is a totally lightweight feeling yet med-full coverage matte foundation. The.DREAM. I do have to say that this foundation dries and sets pretty quickly, so once it applied onto your face you have to work pretty swiftly to buff it into your skin, but once that is done, it is going nowhere. I do also have an oily t-zone and normal skin everywhere else and found that after a few hours of wear my forehead had become a little shiny, but thats just my skin and even the most perfect foundation ever would have an issue fixing. So what do I think? I love it, and wear it most days for work as it keeps my skin looking great all done long (around 13 hours in total) and only require a slight dab of powder on my forehead in the afternoon. 

I think for £7.99 this foundation is amaaazing value, and if you’re on the hunt for an everyday or even night time matte foundation, this is the one for you!

Have any of you tried this foundation, what did you think? What is your favourite affordable matte finish foundation?

Sophie x